LISp-Miner System

version 27.19.01 from 18 Dec 2022 available for download

Terms of Use

The LISp-Miner system is developed primary for educational and research purposes. You can use it for free and for any kind of analysis but solely at your own risk. The software is provided "as is" without any warranties and the authors bear no responsibility for any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with use or performance of this software or from any decision based on the software output.

Basic Installation Package

LISp-Miner All-in-One

Files to download:, 18 Dec 2022

All the core files of the LISp-Miner system with the main LMWorkspace module. Contains also modules for background tasks processing (LMProcPooler, LMSamePooler) and import/export (LMMtbImporter and LMMtbExporter)

Optional modules

LM Reverse-Miner

Files to download:, 18 Dec 2022

LMReverseMiner module for fabrication of naturaly-looking artificial data. Demo included.

LM Exec

Files to download:, 18 Dec 2022

LM Exec module for executing LMCL scripts together with documentation and demo-files.

LM TaskPooler

Files to download:

LMTaskPooler module for computing tasks one by one in background.


Files to download:

Barbora.mdb is data set for testing and gaining first experiences with LISp-Miner. It contains table with data about loans in (not real) bank Barbora. LM_Barbora.mdb is metabase with some examples.

Files to download:

Empty LM metabase for the US and other locations where regional settings prefer date format MM-DD-YYYY (month BEFORE day).

Legacy modules

LISp-Miner Legacy User Interface (prior to 2014)

Files to download:

Legacy LISp-Miner system core files separated into modules for each GUHA procedure. Contains also other legacy modules LMAdmin and LMDataSource.


Files to download:

LM KExTask and LM KExResult legacy modules for KnowedgeExplorer machine learning system.