LISp-Miner System

Release notes

This page contains the description of the changes that have been implemented in every single version of the system LISp-Miner.

Version 27.19.01 (Dec 18, 2022)

  • Upd: Clarification in meaning of 'relative to act condition' for SD4ft, SDCF an SDKL procedures and for Ac4ft-Miner

Version 27.19.00 (Dec 6, 2022)

  • Upd: Download and system wiki migrated to

Version 27.18.15 (Mar 2, 2022)

  • Upd: Bug in generation of coefficient of type 'cut' with both the min and max length set to one

Version 27.18.14 (Feb 21, 2022)

  • Upd: Initial state of 'Allow only consecutive sequence literals' in partial cedent settings is now 'off' by default

Version 27.18.13 (Mar 20, 2021)

  • New: Prepareation steps for new hypotheses filtering functionality
  • Upd: Minor updates and spelling corrections

Version 27.18.12 (Jan 10, 2021)

  • Upd: Bug in generation of coefficients of type 'cut' with regard to optimization for low values of BASE

Version 27.18.11 (Aug 8, 2020)

  • Upd: Bug in SDCF-quantifier input dialog, 'consecutive steps' checkbox malfunction

Version 27.18.10 (Jul 1, 2020)

  • Upd: Bug in handling of missing information

Version 27.18.09 (May 17, 2020)

  • Upd: Bug in prime-rule testing with right cuts coefficients
  • Upd: Bug in prime-rule testing with missing information

Version 27.18.08 (Apr 20, 2020)

  • Upd: Bug in Multiple column categories enumeration function

Version 27.18.07 (Oct 9, 2019)

  • Upd: Increased limit for using geo-data up to 250 000 rows

Version 27.18.06 (Sep 28, 2019)

  • Upd: Bug in handling of infinite values of 4ft-quantifiers in generation hint info
  • Upd: Speed-up of verification of 4ft-quantifiers of LCI, UCI, DLCI, ULCI, LCE and UCE

Version 27.18.05 (Sep 27, 2019)

  • Upd: Bug in prime rule testing with disjunction in succedent
  • Upd: Bug in bitstring memory release management of x-category

Version 27.18.04 (Sep 10, 2019)

  • Upd: 4ft quantifier of Average difference: parameter p in <-1;oo>
  • Upd: Improvement of description of 4ft quantifiers

Version 27.18.03 (Feb 4, 2019)

  • Upd: CF/KL Pattern Difference quantifiers change of criterion implementation (‘Source frequencies’ option is applied to the stored pattern also)
  • Upd: Typo in description of CF/KL Pattern Difference quantifiers

Version 27.18.02 (Dec 3, 2018)

  • Upd: Bug in LMCL SetThresholdValue for 4ftFreqDiff quantifiers
  • Upd: Data matrix name in ‘Selecet an attribute‘ dialog box

Version 27.18.01 (Nov 11, 2018)

  • Upd: Enlarged column-width for quantifier name in 4ft-Task Settings

Version 27.18.00 (Oct 11, 2018)

  • New: Parametric clone of attributes with RowShift
  • New: 4ft partial cedent options of ‘Sequence of literals only’ and ‘Linked coefficients’

Version 27.17.03 (Sep 26, 2018)

  • Upd: Bug in ‘Batch add of categories‘ name parsing

Version 27.17.02 (Sep 18, 2018)

  • Upd: Improved information in SD-tasks quantifier values lists in hypothesis TEXT tab
  • Upd: Mistyped ‘histogram’ instead of ‘KL-pattern’ in KL-task settings

Version 27.17.01 (Sep 3, 2018)

  • Upd: Improved GenerationValueHint support in LMSamePooler
  • Upd: Bug in the shown name of 4ft-hypotheses sorting criterion

Version 27.17.00 (Mai 27, 2018)

  • New: GenerationValueHint support in LMSamePooler

Version 27.16.06 (Mai 14, 2018)

  • Upd: LMCL queryTaskGenerationStatus updates also GenerationHintValueMin/Max values

Version 27.16.05 (Mai 11, 2018)

  • New: LM TaskPooler as a separate download file
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL GenerationHintValueMin/Max properties calling

Version 27.16.04 (March 14, 2018)

  • New: 4ft-FreqDiff-like interest measures changed to positive values (swap of operands)
  • New: Sorting by FreqDiff-like quantifier values in the 4ft-results
  • New: Grid support for task run from LM Workspace

Version 27.16.03 (March 11, 2018)

  • New: FreqDiff-like interest measure in 4ft-Hypothesis Text tab if a FreqDiff-type quantifier is used in its task settings
  • Upd: No more than one category in a succedent if a FreqDiff-type 4ft-quantifier is used

Version 27.16.02 (Januar 18, 2018)

  • Upd: Typo in LMCL codes for RelFrequencyMax

Version 27.16.01 (Januar 14, 2018)

  • Upd: Bug in 4ft-Miner filtering for the "all selected" option
  • Upd: Typo in LMCL documentation for GenerationHintValueMax property

Version 27.16.00 (December 26, 2017)

  • New: 4ft-quantifier of ‘Paraconsistent separation’ and a simple-frequency 4ft-quantifiers of (a+d) and (b+c)

Version 27.15.02 (December 14, 2017)

  • Upd: Bug in PMML export templates

Version 27.15.01 (October 27, 2017)

  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner Class attribute settings dialog box if no attribute is selected

Version 27.15.00 (October 19, 2017)

  • New: Filtering of CF and KL Hypotheses
  • New: FreqDiff tab in 4ft-Hypothesis detail

Version 27.14.01 (October 8, 2017)

  • Upd: Succedent coefficient type settings of ‘one category’ allowed for 4ft-quantifiers of “Frequency-difference”
  • Upd: MBCV case-insensitive test for 4iz260 student work verification

Version 27.14.00 (October 5, 2017)

  • New: User-defined stored pattern
  • New: User-editting of frequency values in stored patterns

Version 27.13.03 (September 26, 2017)

  • Upd: Support for Win10 on UEP computer labs broken installation -- second try

Version 27.13.02 (September 23, 2017)

  • Upd: Support for Win10 on UEP computer labs broken installation

Version 27.13.01 (August 25, 2017)

  • Upd: LM home page simplified to static HTML only and the new-version check updated correspondingly

Version 27.13.00 (August 13, 2017)

  • New: 4ft-quantifier of 'Frequency-difference'
  • New: CF-hypothesis - adding a new follow-up task of 'Frequency-difference'
  • Upd: Mutual influence: no coefficient setting in list of 'Not conditioned by' attributes

Version 27.12.00 (July 29, 2017)

  • New: Different deduction types for looking up of consequences of domain knowledge
  • Upd: Updated reasoning for strictly logical consequences of domain knowledge

Version 27.11.00 (June 17, 2017)

  • New: Mutual influence items cloning

Version 27.10.01 (June 8, 2017)

  • Upd: Bug in CF Hypothesis pattern difference tab

Version 27.10.00 (May 30, 2017)

  • New: Pattern difference tab for CF Hypotheses
  • New: Duplicity index for attributes in CF and KL task description

Version 27.09.01 (April 21, 2017)

  • New: LMCL HypothesisCF getCFQuantifierValue function
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL HypothesisAF and HypothesisDF interest measure returning functions documentation
  • Upd: Bug in LM ProcPooler sub tasks hypotheses merging

Version 27.09.00 (April 16, 2017)

  • Upd: Quantifiers values in the Hypothesis TEXT tab
  • Upd: Geo-columns support in PMML export/import

Version 27.08.01 (March 30, 2017)

  • Upd: "Undef." for pattern-difference interest measures in hypothesis tab
  • Upd: No below zero hypotheses if an AAD threshold is set to 0

Version 27.08.00 (March 22, 2017)

  • New: Geo-derived column of "number of points within a given distance from coordinates"
  • Upd: "GUID" as a reserved word in SQL
  • Upd: Workaround for popup-menu item disabling

Version 27.07.06 (March 12, 2017)

  • Upd: Bug in KL Contingency Analysis tab button for tree of attributes for row attribute not working
  • Upd: Bug in data preprocessing export templates
  • Upd: Bug in LM ProcPooler Ac4ft-Miner task generation

Version 27.07.05 (March 6, 2017)

  • New: LMCL support for CF-quantifiers settings of Steps-up/down

Version 27.07.04 (March 5, 2017)

  • New: LMCL support for SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Hypotheses
  • Upd: Updates to the automated checking of students analysis
  • Upd: Bug in SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner hypotheses list in secondary sorting criterion default selection
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL function findAFQuantifierSetting

Version 27.07.03 (February 23, 2017)

  • Upd: Bug in SDKL-Miner Kendall's TauB coefficient with "absolute value" option set on

Version 27.07.02 (February 5, 2017)

  • New: TxtImport: "˜Convert to ASCII" option for removing Czech accents from characters
  • Upd: Geodata analysis: Improved loading of background map tiles
  • Upd: Increased limit for distinct values shown in listboxes up to 20 000
  • Upd: Increased limit for raw column data up to 200 000 rows in the 32-bit version and up to 5 mil. in the 64-bit version
  • Upd: Improved error reporting for communication with the DBMS
  • version
  • Upd: Bug in database table column mismatch if a view metadata was loaded before its parent table

Version 27.07.01 (January 24, 2017)

  • New: Weak consequences filtering for 4ft-Miner Hypotheses with implicational 4ft-quantifiers

Version 27.07.00 (January 23, 2017)

  • New: Wiki: Geo-data derived columns examples in Demo Hotel

Version 27.06.00 (January 22, 2017)

  • New: Focus of bars in graphs with mouse movement
  • New: "Czech without accents" option for auto-created attributes and categories
  • Upd: Improved demo LMCL scripts with pre-set path to standard libraries
  • Upd: Complete overhaul of names of classes, functions and variables in source codes

Version 27.05.01 (December 13, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in Import from TXT opening Basic parameters Settings window from the context menu

Version 27.05.00 (December 11, 2016)

  • New: Derived columns based on geographical data of type "Name of the closest point" and "˜Distance to the closest point"

Version 27.04.02 (December 5, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in import of tasks from another matrix
  • Upd: Typo in name of the coefficient type of "Cuts"

Version 27.04.01 (November 18, 2016)

  • Upd: MCluster-Miner algorithm of Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC) limit increased to 5000 rows in 32-bit version and to 10000 rows in 64-bit version

Version 27.04.00 (November 16, 2016)

  • New: MCluster-Miner algorithm of Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC)
  • New: MCCluster-Miner measurement coefficients of Simple Match, Eskin Measure, Variable Entropy and Variable Mutability
  • New: 4ft-Miner hypotheses filtering based on literals coefficients
  • Upd: Bug in 4ft-quantifier of Outside Average Dependency settings

Version 27.03.04 (November 6, 2016)

  • Upd: No dialog boxes for adding CF- and KL-attributes descriptions
  • Upd: Column detail tab with a time-part precission support for Date/Time columns

Version 27.03.03 (November 4, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in group of hypotheses filtering functionality

Version 27.03.02 (October 29, 2016)

  • Upd: Improved filtering of results for the "Show not in group" option

Version 27.03.01 (October 23, 2016)

  • Upd: Pooler apps with a re-connect to database if an update of metabase fails for several times
  • Upd: Bug in LM SamePooler processing more than one task at once
  • Upd: Bug in LM Exec in script finalization on error

Version 27.03.00 (October 21, 2016)

  • New: Derived columns based on geographical data
  • Upd: No derived columns of type other than 'Expression' in Table Data form

Version 27.02.01 (October 12, 2016)

  • Upd: Thunderforest as an alternative provider of OpenStreeMap tiles
  • Upd: No error message for each tile if a map provider is not available
  • Upd: KML files support for 'folder' tag as a container for 'placemark' items
  • Upd: Bug in Agreed Consequence filtering

Version 27.02.00 (October 8, 2016)

  • Upd: Filter of 4ft-hypotheses based on "˜Agreed Consequnce" concept

Version 27.01.01 (October 4, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in Hotel Demo check of "Derived columns by SQL query" for 4iz260 course students' data

Version 27.01.00 (October 1, 2016)

  • New: Mutual Influence tab
  • New: Mutual Influence properties of "Author" and "Opinion Index"
  • New: Multiple opinions possible in the Mutual Influence grid
  • New: 'List of users' tab
  • Upd: 4ft-Miner BK Filter with choise on subset of Mutual Influence items used (all, from an author, a user-defined set)
  • Upd: A new tab is opened just after the currently active tab

Version 27.00.06 (September 26, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in MBCV KL-quantifier check (eg. in Hotel data)

Version 27.00.05 (September 16, 2016)

  • New: Signature in ActivityLog and in MBCV report
  • New: An automatic check of content of MBCV and ActivityLog reports in LM Exec

Version 27.00.04 (August 15, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in decimal number precision for CF- and KL-Miner quantifier sorting

Version 27.00.03 (July 22, 2016)

  • Upd: Threshold value for CF- and KL-Miner quantifiers with a smart precision to save space
  • Upd: The task name and ID is put as a note of a newly created StoredPattern from a hypothesis
  • Upd: Another contingency table was shown after a change in name of StoredPattern
  • Upd: Bug in compare type of 'not-equal'

Version 27.00.02 (July 13, 2016)

  • Upd: Changes to dialog box for CF- and KL-Miner hypotheses sorting by values
  • Upd: Minor improvements to texts in descriptions

Version 27.00.01 (May 26, 2016)

  • Upd: LM SamePooler as a default module for tasks processing in background
  • Upd: LM SamePooler support in LMCL

Version 27.00.00 (May 25, 2016)

  • New: LM SamePooler (ShAred MEmory Task Pooler) module for a parallel task processing as threads on a processor with several cores without need to start a new processes (betaversion)
  • Upd: Improved metabase loading time
  • Upd: Bug in the metabase reload

Version 26.00.04 (May 10, 2016)

  • Upd: Export format update

Version 26.00.03 (May 9, 2016)

  • Upd: LMMetabaseSchema with tiHypothesisExt table

Version 26.00.02 (May 8, 2016)

  • Upd: Minor improvements to CF and KL Quantifiers implementation

Version 26.00.01 (May 1, 2016)

  • New: Storing of CF and KL Hypotheses as a stored pattern
  • Upd: Bug in CF Quantifier Steps up/down with step size relative to the previous frequency

Version 26.00.00 (April 30, 2016)

  • New: Gallery of Stored patterns
  • New: CF Quantifier of difference from a stored pattern or the histogram on the whole matrix
  • New: KL Quantifier of difference from a stored pattern or the contingency table on the whole matrix
  • New: KL Quantifier contingency table source frequencies type

Version 25.37.03 (April 19, 2016)

  • Upd: Better handling of Regional Settings during import from TXT

Version 25.37.02 (April 11, 2016)

  • Upd: Close icon disabled on progress dialog boxes

Version 25.37.01 (March 28, 2016)

  • Upd: Auto-sorting of hypotheses in SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner by ‘Average Difference’ interest measure if a related quantifier was used
  • Upd: Improved calculation of the ‘Outside Average dependence’

Version 25.37.00 (March 27, 2016)

  • New: ‘Average Difference dependence’quantifier in 4ft-, SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner
  • New: ‘Outside Average dependence’quantifier in 4ft-, SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner
  • New: ‘Below Average dependence’ quantifier in SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner

Version 25.36.01 (March 25, 2016)

  • New: TxtImport column flag for ‘Disabled’ and ‘Filter’ options

Version 25.36.00 (March 24, 2016)

  • New: Relations among tables based on a user defined expression
  • New: TxtImport ‘contains’ value filtr
  • New: TxtImport with multiple values in filter

Version 25.35.06 (March 16, 2016)

  • Upd: ‘Column value filter’ option in Import from TXT is automatically checked after an criterion is set for a column
  • Upd: Bug in an optional WHERE clausule condition of view definition

Version 25.35.05 (March 15, 2016)

  • Upd: Derived columns by SQL query definition with more than one occurency of a single parameter

Version 25.35.04 (March 13, 2016)

  • New: Auto-handling of NULL values in parameters of derived columns by SQL query definition
  • Upd: Optimized computation of derived columns by SQL query definition

Version 25.35.03 (March 11, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in Derived columns by SQL query definition for other data types than date/time

Version 25.35.02 (March 4, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in MCluster-Miner task target attribute settings (to disable Categories frequencies button if there is no attribute set)

Version 25.35.01 (March 2, 2016)

  • Upd: Bug in Show data for data matrixes with columns defined by a SQL query

Version 25.35.00 (March 1, 2016)

  • New: LM Exec script parameters edit
  • Upd: LMCL name of partial cedent and partial group settings textual description property changed to ‘Name’

Version 25.34.01 (February 24, 2016)

  • Upd: No ‘.Data.’ infix in a newly created metabase file
  • Upd: More width in ‘Associate an existing metabase…’ dialog box

Version 25.34.00 (February 15, 2016)

  • Upd: Maintenance release – compilation in a new production environment

Version 25.33.01 (January 19, 2016)

  • Upd: Minor speed improvements

Version 25.33.00 (January 17, 2016)

  • Upd: Improved speed for merging of results of parallel jobs in background/grid task run.
  • Upd: Improved speed for internal data text export/import in background/grid task run and in LM ReverseMiner
  • Upd: Auto-update of metabase DSN while typing name of data DSN in ‘Associate an existing metabase’ dialog box

Version 25.32.02 (January 6, 2016)

  • New: 9-fold tables for interactive FT Contingency Analysis
  • Upd: Wiki updates for recent changes in UI plus SQL query derived column example in Hotel Demo

Version 25.32.01 (January 5, 2016)

  • New: 9-fold tables for 4ft-Miner found hypotheses
  • Upd: LMCL FTPartialCedentSettings getBoolOpType functions mistakenly missing

Version 25.32.00 (January 3, 2016)

  • New: Derived database columns defined by SQL query
  • Upd: Newly added categories in category-split sorted onto the same position as is the original category
  • Upd: All bitstring caches cleared after a change to SQL expression of derived database column has been made
  • Upd: Bug in generation of cedents when they are two or more literals derived from the same attribute and ‘One category’ coefficient is used

Version 25.31.00 (December 20, 2015)

  • New: Context menu for lists with shorcuts for ‘Basic parameters edit’ and ‘Delete item’
  • New: Saving CF-Miner histogram and KL-Miner contingency table as SVG image
  • Upd: Improved association of data+metabase pair (the corresponding metabase file is choosen automatically if present in the same folder)
  • Upd: A name of MDB file with analyzed data created through New from TXT includes “.Data.” infix to be visually easily spotted in the folder list
  • Upd: Minor improvements to LM Wiki and Demo Hotel example

Version 25.30.02 (December 16, 2015)

  • Upd: ReverseMiner optimization of mutation resulting in better handling of calculated columns with lm.rowrnd() function in randomization and alsto to overall speed up of generation

Version 25.30.01 (December 13, 2015)

  • Upd: New derived column or attribute is deleted if user had pressed Cancel in the dialog box
  • Upd: ReverseMiner check for no column available for randomization

Version 25.30.00 (December 12, 2015)

  • Upd: Pressing ‘Delete’ key in lists as a shorcut for deleting item(s)
  • Upd: The initial dialog window is reopened if the previously selected action (importing from TXT, associating a metabase…) is cancelled
  • Upd: Added auto-check box after an item is selected in the combobox (eg. selecting a background layer in geodata analysis)
  • Upd: Error messsage for entering a floating-point value in place of an integer
  • Upd: Bug in preservering categories frequencies after a join of categories

Version 25.29.05 (December 3, 2015)

  • Upd: Bug in MCluster-Miner centroid calculation for the maximal value

Version 25.29.04 (November 30, 2015)

  • Upd: Check for a proper initialisation of a matrix before column values are retrieved (applies to LM Workspace, LM ReverseMiner and LMCL)
  • Upd: Check for a lower number of records in database table

Version 25.29.03 (November 22, 2015)

  • Upd: ETree-Miner check for X-category values in cross-validation testing

Version 25.29.02 (November 19, 2015)

  • Upd: Datatype of metabase columns ‘Notice’ changed to ‘Memo’ to accommodate larger texts

Version 25.29.01 (November 18, 2015)

  • New: LMCL Description property in Task

Version 25.29.00 (November 16, 2015)

  • New: LMCL DataColumn.prepareDataArray function to retrieve all values in this database column
  • Upd: Bug in removing relationships while they are used

Version 25.28.00 (November 10, 2015)

  • New: LMCL HypothesisET class (for ETree-Miner)
  • Upd: Bug in broken links to LM wiki pages for 4ft-Miner tasks settings

Version 25.27.01 (November 5, 2015)

  • New: Preventionall deleting of local data cache after associating a metabase with data
  • Upd: Workaround for Windows Vista style FileDialog failure

Version 25.27.00 (November 1, 2015)

  • New: Import tasks from another matrix
  • Upd: Import attributes from another matrix including derived columns
  • Upd: Enlarged space for expression in derived database columns and workaround to paste even larger expressions via clipboard
  • Upd: List of values of database column precautionary cleared before a derived column expression is about to change
  • Upd: Bug in DB recorset not closed after a failed attempt to load database column statistics

Version 25.26.00 (October 25, 2015)

  • New: LMExec user-defined command line script parameters
  • Upd: EverMinerSimple demo update to speed-up after MonthOfRange derived date value was included

Version 25.25.05 (October 18, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner check for a new version moved into a separate thread
  • New: ReverseMiner online help
  • Upd: ReverseMiner randomization checks for master data preset is preserved in population
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner tournament selection
  • Upd: Bug in CF Frequency analysis ‘Rel Cat’ option

Version 25.25.04 (October 12, 2015)

  • New: Filtering tasks in Tasks Overview tab according to the data matrix there are base upon
  • New: CF-Miner option of ‘Taken into account used quantifier settings’ for sorting
  • Upd: Improved state preservation when name of a group of tasks is changed
  • Upd: MBCV: Improved check for 4ft-quantifiers parameters values match

Version 25.25.03 (October 7, 2015)

  • Upd: Groups of quantities cannot be deleted if there is a sub-group defined in them

Version 25.25.02 (October 6, 2015)

  • Upd: Task unlock of not properly finished tasks
  • Upd: Debug log for Windows common FileDialog box problem
  • Upd: Bug in Activity Log tab close after ‘Clear All’

Version 25.25.01 (October 5, 2015)

  • Upd: Minor changes to LM wiki Demo Hotel example and corresponding MBCV files
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL FTLiteralSettings.setMinLen function
  • Upd: Bug in Import from TXT with a restriction on number of rows

Version 25.25.00 (October 1, 2015)

  • New: Ac4ft-Miner related classes in LMCL
  • Upd: Names of types of coefficients changed to plural
  • Upd: Bug in LM ProcPooler bitstring cache loading

Version 25.24.01 (September 29, 2015)

  • Upd: LM Workspace freeze upon startup workaround
  • Upd: LM Exec lmtask.findTask optional parameter of pDataTable
  • Upd: Bug in LM Exec createAndAssociateWithDataMDB function unavailable

Version 25.24.00 (September 22, 2015)

  • New: SD Construction mode of ‘FirstSet versus not FirstSet’
  • Upd: LMWorkspace workaround for check-for-new-version-available thread finished before the main application window is created
  • Upd: Bug in copy to clipboard availability in pre-application dialog boxes
  • Upd: Bug in LMUpdater when reporting the download server is busy

Version 25.23.01 (September 20, 2015)

  • New: Pre-sorting of partial cedents, literals etc. before the XML export of metabase for better Metabase content verification
  • Upd: Improved syntax of MCluster-Miner and ETree-Miner pattern output
  • Upd: Precautionary clearing of local data cache after a new attribute is created (to remove accidental remnants of cached values)
  • Upd: Remove all in memory bitstrings after clearing of local data cache

Version 25.23.00 (September 19, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner new mutation type of ‘Modify’ to change a value by given delta
  • Upd: Metabase content verification better check for positions of categories, partial cedents etc.
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner randomization individual tournament selection

Version 25.22.00 (September 18, 2015)

  • New: ‘Month of range’ DatePart sub-type
  • Upd: Total number of errors and warnings in the dialog box title for Metabase content verification
  • Upd: Metabase content verification allows for with-the-accent and without-the-accent characters variations in names
  • Upd: Metabase content verification warning for leading and trailing spaces in names
  • Upd: New version of Metabase content verification templates for ‘Demo Hotel’
  • Upd: Bug in Metabase content verification with an error in ‘One category’ coefficients

Version 25.21.02 (September 16, 2015)

  • New: Dialog boxes open and close user actions included into Activity log
  • Upd: Colors in list of templates in Metabase content verification
  • Upd: Bug in create of database view in LM Workspace

Version 25.21.01 (September 15, 2015)

  • New: LMUpdater option to create LMWorkspace shortcut on desktop
  • Upd: LMUpdater download moved into another thread
  • Upd: ‘Batch add’ button in Attribute tab
  • Upd: Bug in ‘attribute in task’ derived array update

Version 25.21.00 (September 11, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner “randomizer” type of evolution
  • New: ReverseMiner lm.rowrnd function
  • New: ReverseMiner ‘fallback’ data preset
  • New: ReverseMiner tolerance option for task results
  • Upd: CF-Miner results for quantifiers with relative values sorted by this relative value instead of the original absolute value
  • Upd: LMWorkspace check for a new version available has been moved into a separe thread
  • Upd: ReverseMiner evolution improved check for new individuals accidentally not the same as an existing invidual in the population
  • Upd: ReverseMiner lookup formula syntax check before evolution starts
  • Upd: Further batch of LM Workspace dialog boxes linked to wiki pages
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner disposing memory after an interruption of evolution

Version 25.20.00 (August 30, 2015)

  • New: Metabase content verification
  • New: Batch add of categories now with intervals also
  • New: Maximal number of automatically created categories as an user-defined parameter
  • New: Optimized handling of bitstrings to preserve memory usage for for low-frequency categories in large databases, including conditions for its application as user-defined parameteres
  • Upd: Metabase export to XML with several filter options
  • Upd: Bug in LMWorkspace64 list of database column values of type string
  • Upd: Test for ‘insufficient memory’, optionally throwing memory exception

Version 25.19.04 (August 24, 2015)

  • New: Attribute group name duplicity check
  • New: ReverseMiner Data Preset populate ‘master’
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner reload
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner enumeration of values of type date
  • Upd: Separator character in default name of joined categories of type enumeration changed to ‘/’

Version 25.19.03 (August 18, 2015)

  • Upd: Auto-create categories ‘Use mnemonic names’ default on for equifrequency intervals
  • Upd: Bug in LMUpdate false ‘file locked’ message
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner decision tree shortened display
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner testing of binary trees

Version 25.19.02 (August 16, 2015)

  • Upd: Further online help improvements

Version 25.19.01 (August 14, 2015)

  • New: Full metabase export to XML
  • Upd: No database system tables in list of tables to analyze
  • Upd: Already initialized tables only in list of tables for adding a new task
  • Upd: Metabase schema script for MS SQLServer improvements
  • Upd: MCluster-Miner improved cluster center reporting
  • Upd: Bug in CF- and KL-Miner Task Settings attribute selection

Version 25.19.00 (August 10, 2015)

  • Upd: Terminology cleanup – 4ft, SD4ft and Ac4ft quantifiers of ‘Founded implication’ renamed to ‘p-Implication’ (shortname ‘PIM’), ‘Double founded implication’ renamed to ‘Double p-Implication’ (shortname ‘DPIM’) and ‘Founded equivalence’ renamed to ‘p-Equivalence’ (shortname ‘PEQ’)
  • Upd: Command-line modules moved to ‘Tools’ sub-folder
  • Upd: TaskPooler, ProcPooler and GridPooler sub-folders moved to ‘Pooler’ sub-folder
  • Upd: GridGen sub-folder moved to ‘Pooler’ sub-folder
  • Upd: Folder ‘Sewebar’ renamed to ‘ImEx’ and corresponding modules to ‘LMMtbImporter’ and ‘LMMtbExporter’
  • Upd: Export of metabase schema functionality moved to LMMtbExporter
  • Upd: PMML TransformationDictionary ‘InlineTable’ syntax change (both for the export and the import)

Version 25.18.04 (July 29, 2015)

  • Upd: Improved online context-sensitive help with just more topics
  • Upd: Central Europe state borders quality improvement
  • Upd: Geodata anlaysis map background color change
  • Upd: Bug in geodata vector layers delete
  • Upd: Dates in tpParams synchronized to “1st of January”

Version 25.18.03 (July 22, 2015)

  • New: ‘Use mnemonic names’ options also for equidistant intervals
  • Upd: Batch delete of categories by name even for non-alphabetical sorted list of categories
  • Upd: More readable names for automatically created categories for enumerations of floats
  • Upd: Large noise-component for points coordinates in Geodata XY analysis map
  • Upd: Bug in metabase schema script concerning tpActivityLog table creation

Version 25.18.02 (July 21, 2015)

  • Upd: Online help for ‘pre-application’ dialog boxes (e.g. setting database+metabase pair, import from text)
  • Upd: PostgreSQL metabase schema script with ‘smallint’ instead of ‘boolean’
  • Upd: Batch file for metabase schema script preparation

Version 25.18.01 (July 19, 2015)

  • Upd: PostgreSQL true/false value string corrected to ‘1’/‘0’

Version 25.18.00 (July 18, 2015)

  • New: Online context-sensitive help linked to wiki pages (still under construction)
  • Upd: Optimized sequence for adding new category of type ‘interval’
  • Upd: Support for debugging ODBC communication

Version 25.17.05 (July 16, 2015)

  • Upd: PostgreSQL specific ODBC data types handling

Version 25.17.04 (July 15, 2015)

  • Upd: LM Exec problems with auto-commit test update

Version 25.17.03 (July 14, 2015)

  • New: Auto-commit database transactions option
  • Upd: Bug in platform specific metabase SQL script for tables without ID column and in DELETE command

Version 25.17.02 (July 13, 2015)

  • New: Geodata tiles cache automatic clean-up
  • New: Platform specific SQL data types definitions possible
  • New: Platform specific metabase structure and content SQL script option

Version 25.17.01 (July 9, 2015)

  • New: LMCL associateWithDataODBC function
  • New: Debug info for loading data from metabase
  • Upd: Metabase column tmValue.IsNULL renamed to tmValue.IsNULLValue to not colide with PostreSQL reserved word

Version 25.17.00 (July 8, 2015)

  • New: Metabase structure and content SQL script export from LMExec
  • Upd: Workaround for PostgreSQL ‘integer out of range’ error

Version 25.16.00 (July 4, 2015)

  • New: Geodata analysis online map tiles download (OpenStreetMap and MapQuest Satellite)
  • Upd: Vector layer ‘Èeská republika, kraje’

Version 25.15.02 (June 28, 2015)

  • Upd: Improved speed for hypothesis tab data view of large datasets
  • Upd: Bug in auto-create of right-closed equidistant interval

Version 25.15.01 (June 24, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner LookupFormula for computed values
  • Upd: ReverseMiner paused evolution state improved preservation of evolution statistics

Version 25.15.00 (June 21, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner paused evolution could be resumed even after an exit from ReverseMiner application and its restart
  • New: ReverseMiner optional filter on task group while inserting DM task into RMCase
  • New: ReverseMiner option to exclude a column from the text export
  • New: ReverseMiner RMCase evolution history graph preserved even after a relaunch of application

Version 25.14.13 (June 20, 2015)

  • Upd: Check for too many data rows (not to be displayed in a listview control)

Version 25.14.12 (June 7, 2015)

  • Upd: ReverseMiner breeding operation optimization for Data Presets

Version 25.14.11 (June 6, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner new evolution operation of ‘breeding’
  • Upd: TxtImport list of column value filters set for import and data statistics
  • Upd: Bug in TxtImport progress indicator for very large files

Version 25.14.10 (June 5, 2015)

  • New: Batch add of categories from provided text list
  • New: Batch delete of categories with names from a provided list
  • New: TxtImport column value filter with ‘starts with’ and ‘ends with’ options
  • New: ReverseMiner task-in-case optional description
  • New: ReverseMiner ‘abandoned’ RMCase to preserve history of data generation

Version 25.14.09 (June 4, 2015)

  • New: TxtImport statistical overview for data to be imported (number of rows and number of distinct and empty values for each column)
  • New: TxtImport optional row filter based on values in columns
  • New: ReverseMiner frequency guiding rules for columns of type Date
  • Upd: Workaround for a precise compare of decimal values in the 4ft-quantifier of Founded Implication and Above Average
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner maximal-time test

Version 25.14.08 (June 2, 2015)

  • New: 4ft-Miner task option of ‘Ignore’ for handling of missing values
  • Upd: 4ft-cedent generation fast-track algorithm branch when ignoring X-categories

Version 25.14.07 (June 1, 2015)

  • Upd: Overlapping categories test before a task generation runs only once per session
  • Upd: No additional memory allocated for bitstrings of coefficients of length one (same as its category)
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner removing of unused files
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner total duration of evolution
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner DM Tasks filter of task groups after a reload of metabase

Version 25.14.06 (May 26, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner frequency guiding rules “Each category must be present” option
  • New: ReverseMiner improved responsiveness of UI
  • Upd: Bug in the used-reference counter for attributes and categories

Version 25.14.05 (May 21, 2015)

  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner Data Presets initialization with Date values

Version 25.14.04 (May 20, 2015)

  • New: Language specific strings for boolean categories
  • Upd: Order of boolean categories changed to False (0) – True (1)
  • Upd: Simplified display of decision trees from binary trees (no redundant literals)
  • Upd: No ‘>=’ in coefficients of nominal attributes
  • Upd: Bug in naming of automatically created categories of type integer
  • Upd: Bug in database view restriction string eating trailing space

Version 25.14.03 (May 17, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner operators of ‘&’ and ‘|’ for computed columns formula
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner lookup of text values

Version 25.14.02 (May 15, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner activity included into ActivityLog

Version 25.14.01 (May 12, 2015)

  • Upd: Bug in LMCL Category.getNameDefault() function
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner formula evaluation identifiers with digits in theirs name

Version 25.14.00 (May 10, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner Data Presets to re-use results of previous evolutions to initialize population
  • Upd: LMCL folder functions variants

Version 25.13.01 (May 5, 2015)

  • Upd: Severe bug in database view join when there are more database tables with a Date/Time attributes of the same name
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner concerting deleted tasks in another module
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner Edit Task button disabled

Version 25.13.00 (May 3, 2015)

  • New: LMCL DataColumn prepareHistogramArray function for numerical database columns
  • New: LMCL DataColumn getStDev function for standard deviation of values in database column
  • Upd: LMUpdate no-cache pragma
  • Upd: LMWorkspace check for new version secured
  • Upd: ReverseMiner shows application version in the window title
  • Upd: ReverseMiner database files renamed to .Data.mdb and .LMMB.mdb

Version 25.12.01 (May 1, 2015)

  • Upd: LMCL category "include NULL values" manipulation functions with both ‘NULL’ and ‘Null’ abbreviations

Version 25.12.00 (April 30, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner change of evolution parameters and tasks weights during a pause of evolution
  • Upd: ReverseMiner Tasks tab with real number of hypotheses and colors (if available)

Version 25.11.02 (April 29, 2015)

  • Upd: ReverseMiner frequency guiding rules check for no categories defined for the selected attribute
  • Upd: ReverseMiner evolution timer frequency increased

Version 25.11.01 (April 28, 2015)

  • Upd: ReverseMiner evolution timer improvement to prevent entering into ‘sleep’ mode
  • Upd: TxtImport allows for deleting a previously imported table prior to re-import
  • Upd: LM Workspace Database tables lists updated even after an failed TxtImport
  • Upd: PCA limit for data rows increased to 100 000
  • Upd: Bug in categories Split for large decimal numbers

Version 25.11.00 (April 24, 2015)

  • New: KL- and SDKL-Miner Cramer’s V coefficient of association of two nominal attributes
  • Upd: Version information for each EXE file

Version 25.10.01 (April 22, 2015)

  • New: List of tasks search text by name of tasks
  • Upd: Interest measures computation for AAD and BAD
  • Upd: Comma as a decimal digit separator accepted in Primary IM normalization values settings
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL lm.log if a number has been passed as a parameter

Version 25.10.00 (April 16, 2015)

  • New: Duplicating attributes definition from another matrix
  • New: Deleting (droping) a table from analyzed data database

Version 25.09.00 (April 12, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner frequency guiding tasks
  • New: ReverseMiner filter for group of tasks on Tasks in RMCase tab
  • New: ReverseMiner look-up function even for text values
  • New: LMCL validation hint support

Version 25.08.01 (April 9, 2015)

  • Upd: Bug in database column validity check

Version 25.08.00 (April 8, 2015)

  • New: Validation hint for possible ranges of threshold values for quantifiers used in a 4ft-, CF- and KL-Miner tasks (based on the previous task run)
  • New: CF-hypotheses domain knowledge survey for mutual influence of attributes
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner column characteristics settings dialog box validation

Version 25.07.00 (April 6, 2015)

  • New: CF-Miner quantifiers of type ‘index of the median category’ (both absolute and relative)
  • New: CF-Miner include ‘worse’ extensions of condition switch
  • New: KL-Miner include ‘worse’ extensions of condition switch
  • New: CF-Hypothesis the most frequent category (or categories) and cummulative frequencies in TEXT output
  • Upd: Improved spacing of icons for analytical task type selection
  • Upd: Improved speed for 4ft-Miner tasks prime-rule and ‘worse’ extension checking
  • Upd: Workaround for LMUpdate_.exe lock during download

Version 25.06.02 (March 31, 2015)

  • New: TxtImport new date/time formats of YYYY-MM-DD
  • Upd: TxtImport with more than 255 columns doesn’t discard excess columns, just marks them as ‘Disabled’
  • Upd: Improved parsing of KML files with recursive MultiGeometry tags
  • Upd: Bug in KL-Miner Hypothesis Text tab

Version 25.06.01 (March 28, 2015)

  • New: KL-Miner task validation warning for Kendall’s coefficient for attributes with too many categories
  • New: CF-Miner and KL-Miner task validation hint for too long lists of attributes
  • Upd: Bug in CF-quantifier with cardinal values pre-run check
  • Upd: Bug in auto-create of categories as enumeration for columns with decimal numbers

Version 25.06.00 (March 23, 2015)

  • New: ReverseMiner assignment of values as a lookup from another table
  • Upd: Cylindrical projection correction automatically skipped for WGS84 non-conform values
  • Upd: Czech Republic districts with a single joined polygon for Prague
  • Upd: No Validate Basic/Remaining warning for empty cedents

Version 25.05.02 (March 15, 2015)

  • New: TxtImport column names and data-types settings export
  • New: TxtImport support for ‘|’ (pipe) delimiter
  • New: LMUpdater checks for opened other LISp-Miner modules before download
  • Upd: Improved selection of polygonal areas by a mouse click
  • Upd: ReverseMiner evolution RandSeedInit based on RMCase ID to synchronize progress across all computers in the classroom

Version 25.05.01 (March 9, 2015)

  • Upd: Improved parsing of KML files (e.g. support for MultiGeometry tags)
  • Upd: Improved handling of a matrix change in Interactive Analysis tabs
  • Upd: Bug in geodata background raster image path
  • Upd: Bug in aggregate attribute setting in Geodata CF Analysis tab

Version 25.05.00 (March 8, 2015)

  • New: Task validator warning for no basic literal in a 4ft-partial cedent
  • New: Pre-defined vector layers for world, Europe and the Czech Republic
  • Upd: Improved LM Updater
  • Upd: Bug in TxtImport random rows selection
  • Upd: Bug in histogram trend line of CF Contingency Analysis tab

Version 25.04.00 (March 5, 2015)

  • New: One-click download and update
  • New: Geodata CF (conditional frequencies) Analysis Tab

Version 25.03.04 (March 2, 2015)

  • Upd: Included handling of doubled “ in imported CSV texts
  • Upd: Bug in progress information percentage

Version 25.03.03 (February 25, 2015)

  • New: Auto-completion of column names support in derived attribute expression edit
  • Upd: Bug in Tab close shortcut (Ctrl+W)

Version 25.03.02 (February 24, 2015)

  • Upd: LM Workspace Open dialog better defaults for Data source names derived from file names
  • Upd: TxtImport column format of ‘hhmm[ss]’ (packed time)
  • Upd: Column Detail Tab – no rounding of row indexes in XY-plot graph

Version 25.03.01 (February 20, 2015)

  • New: Recognition of ‘_’ (underscore) character in attributes names so this part is omitted from names used in literals

Version 25.03.00 (February 19, 2015)

  • New: Derived columns in Matrix Data Tab and in export
  • New: TxtImport optional user-defined thousands separator
  • New: User-defined beginning of the week
  • Upd: Improved speed in calculation of DatePart values
  • Upd: Bug in move of xxGridGen files to GridGen sub-folder

Version 25.02.01 (February 14, 2015)

  • Upd: Geodata tab mouse-wheel zoom and map move by mouse
  • Upd: User-defined alternative names for attributes used in trees and during binarization

Version 25.02.00 (February 12, 2015)

  • New: Geodata (two dimensional spatial data) interactive analysis tab

Version 25.01.00 (February 8, 2015)

  • New: Values on bars of bar-graphs
  • New: Context menu for items in Task Settings lists
  • New: Translation of names of attribute based on Date/Time columns according to language preset
  • Upd: Improved auto-create of default names of categories of type DayOfWeek and Month when there are only some present in a column
  • Upd: Bug in TxtImport column type names

Version 25.00.01 (February 2, 2015)

  • New: TxtImport option of ‘randomly selected rows’ if a limit for number of imported rows is set
  • Upd: Bug in shown progress percentage

Version 25.00.00 (January 31, 2015)

  • Upd: LM Workspace module elevated into ‘mature’ state, ‘beta’ flag dropped
  • Upd: Bug in 4ft-Miner tasks filter initialization

Version 24.20.04 (January 14, 2015)

  • Upd: Bug in Date/Time partial values reading from database.

Version 24.20.03 (January 13, 2015)

  • New: ‘New Discretized Data Matrix’ tab from context menu
  • Upd: LMCL LuaAttribute::SetXCategory check of the parent attribute
  • Upd: Bug in CF Contingency Analysis while there were only one attribute defined
  • Upd: Bug in ‘Data available as’ check button re-check haven’t enabled the associated controls

Version 24.20.02 (January 8, 2015)

  • Upd: MCluster-Miner test for X-values in subsets of data to be clustered

Version 24.20.01 (January 4, 2015)

  • Upd: An automatic reload of attribute frequencies from the local data cache in the Attribute Tab of LM Workspace module
  • Upd: Typo in ‘farther’

Version 24.20.00 (December 31, 2014)

  • New: KL Contingency interactive analysis aggregate function
  • New: Windows enhanced metafile (EMF) file support in export of decision trees in ET Interactive Tree Analysis and in ET Hypothesis tabs
  • New: LMCL support for importing more than 255 columns in datasets and subsequently to unpack fields of multi-columns
  • Upd: Improved LMCL support for X-categories, including a demo script for usage example
  • Upd: Columns statistical information for fields of multi-columns
  • Upd: Improved speed of CF and KL Contingency interactive analysis with aggregated function
  • Upd: xxGridGen files moved to GridGen sub-folder
  • Upd: Readme.txt file update
  • Upd: Bug in ImportTXT function concerning escape-characters in CSV column names

Version 24.19.00 (December 14, 2014)

  • New: Saving images of trees into a SVG file in ET Interactive analysis and ETree-Miner hypothesis tabs
  • New: Thickness of link between nodes in decision trees represents frequency of the corresponding node
  • New: LMCL logIndentUp with an optional name of the indent-group and the time spent in this group
  • New: LMCL HypothesisMC createDerivedDataColumn to add a derived column based on results of clustering

Version 24.18.05 (December 11, 2014)

  • New: An optional cluster boundaries highlight in MCluster-Miner hypothesis XYPlot
  • New: LMCL functions (CreateEmptyDataMDB, prepareDataTableInitArray and prepareHypothesisArray)
  • New: Database column and PCA XYPlot graph export of values
  • New: Task ‘disabled’ option
  • Upd: Rounding error workaround for PCA derived columns
  • Upd: Bug in re-read database structure function
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL lm.prepro.FindAttribute function

Version 24.18.04 (December 3, 2014)

  • Upd: Underscore ‘_’ not allowed on the beginning of SQL names (especially while using MS Access as DBMS). Names will be automatically corrected during import from TXT.

Version 24.18.03 (November 30, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in CF Contingency analysis interface (no update of the histogram after a change to relative frequencies)
  • Upd: Bug in CF and SDCF Hypotheses list Step-count value if the StepSize was set relatively to the previous value in the histogram

Version 24.18.02 (November 27, 2014)

  • Upd: Updated dialog for database view definition
  • Upd: LMCL function findAttribute with an optional parameter of database table
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner task initialization resulting in application crash on start of task calculation

Version 24.18.01 (November 26, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in task generation progress dialog window update of actual position in list of finished steps
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL shutdownPoolerOnIdle

Version 24.18.00 (November 23, 2014)

  • New: ETree-Miner automatic binarization of attributes to produce binary trees
  • New: CF-Miner and KL-Miner aggregate function ‘normalize index values’ parameter

Version 24.17.00 (November 20, 2014)

  • New: KL-Miner optional aggregate function
  • New: LMCL support for Principal compoment analysis
  • Upd: Improved visualisation of CF-Miner and KL-Miner hypotheses with aggregate function
  • Upd: Optimized calculation of aggregate functions using bitstrings

Version 24.16.00 (November 17, 2014)

  • New: Derived columns based on components of Principal component analysis
  • New: Auto create categories as two intervals -- one below and one above a given threshold
  • Upd: MCluster-Miner hypotheses default sorting by ‘class-match’ ratio and number of used attributes
  • Upd: Bug in KL-Quantifier range initial setting

Version 24.15.01 (November 15, 2014)

  • New: MCluster-Miner number of clusters and used attributes highlighted in hypothesis list of Task Results tab
  • Upd: Bug in MCluster-Miner algorithm walking through all the combinations of input attributes

Version 24.15.00 (November 14, 2014)

  • New: MCluster-Miner task criterion based on quality of assignment of objects into target attribute classes
  • New: MCluster-Miner support for LMGridPooler and LMProcPooler (task run in background)
  • New: LM Exec/Settings browse dialog box
  • New: LMCL shutdownPoolerOnIdle functions

Version 24.14.00 (November 10, 2014)

  • New: MCluster-Miner hypothesis characteristics based on quality of assignment of objects into target attribute classes
  • New: LM Exec settings to specify an external editor to open source file if an error occurs during script execution
  • New: Text import optional metadata file to specify column names and data types
  • New: Optional jittering also in MCluster-Miner hypothesis XY plot

Version 24.13.00 (November 6, 2014)

  • New: Optional rows restriction in database view definition
  • New: PCA visualization with an optional jittering

Version 24.12.00 (November 5, 2014)

  • New: CF-Miner Aggregate function to base histogram analysis on sums, minimums, maximums or averages of group values

Version 24.11.21 (November 4, 2014)

  • Upd: Improved implementation of the automatic creation of equifrequency intervals resulting in more even frequencies
  • Upd: LMCL cedent type check
  • Upd: LMCL parameters value check

Version 24.11.20 (November 3, 2014)

  • New: LMCL class constructor checks for metabase opened
  • Upd: Text import column data type estimate checks for too long numbers (out of range of data type integer)
  • Upd: Text import forwards DBMS error message if an error occurs
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL KLAttributeSetting constructor

Version 24.11.19 (November 2, 2014)

  • Upd: Optimized handling of ordinary values (other than NULL or Infinity)
  • Upd: CF-Miner and KL-Miner derived columns based on hypothesis coding changed to NULL and 1
  • Upd: ReverseMiner demo update
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL KLPartialGroupSetting constructor
  • Upd: Typo in LMCL Kendall’s TauB identifier

Version 24.11.18 (October 23, 2014)

  • New: LMCL lm.metabase.MarkChangedFlag to inform other modules to reload metabase
  • Upd: Text import removes space characters from columns of data type number
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL MutualInfluence class constructor

Version 24.11.17 (October 22, 2014)

  • Upd: Maximal number of possible categories in graphs and colored maps increased to 500
  • Upd: An existing X-Category is not re-defined during an automatic re-creation of categories
  • Upd: No information message about preserving the X-Category definition through an automatic re-creation of categories
  • Upd: Forced same length for the last of the equidistant intervals even if above the maximum value
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL Attribute.autoCreateIntervalEquidistant function return value
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL demo script LMExec.Demo.Explore.DataTable.lua

Version 24.11.16 (October 14, 2014)

  • Upd: Minor bugs corrections

Version 24.11.15 (October 10, 2014)

  • New: Existence of ‘.LMMB.’ substring in analyzed data file name signalizes probable mistake in choosing a metabase file instead of analyzed data file while associating data–metabase pair
  • Upd: Check for absolute threshold only in validation of SD4ft-Miner and Ac4ft-Miner tasks
  • Upd: Check for at least one letter in valid SQL syntax
  • Upd: Bug in re-open of KL Attributes correlation tab

Version 24.11.14 (October 5, 2014)

  • Upd: Join of categories takes care of information about including NULL values into one of joined categories
  • Upd: Default KL-quantifier of Kendall’s TauB for adding a new statistical quantifier in KL-Miner
  • Upd: Bug in change of data-type of derived attributes

Version 24.11.13 (September 29, 2014)

  • Upd: Validation check for SDCF- and SDKL-Miner operation modes of difference or ratio of values compatible with absolute threshold units only
  • Upd: Default 4ft-cedent and partial 4ft-cedent MaxLen changed to 5
  • Upd: Bug in import of a new table from TXT resulting in this table not appearing in combo-boxes

Version 24.11.12 (September 21, 2014)

  • Upd: SD4ft-Task validation error for verification mode of 'Set1 versus Set1 and Set2' and 'Sets must differ in all rows' enabled together
  • Upd: SDKL-Task validation error for quantifiers based on statistical measures together with the operation mode of difference of frequencies
  • Upd: SDCF-Task validation error for quantifiers based on cardinal values together with the operation mode of difference of frequencies
  • Upd: Bug in database table change in ScatterPlot and PCA Interactive Analysis
  • Upd: Bug in matrix data tab for dynamic views

Version 24.11.11 (September 18, 2014)

  • New: ET-Interactive analysis button ‘Available attributes’ to limit list of attributes for tree growing
  • Upd: No MinLen and MaxLen parameters for CF- and KL-PartialGroupSettings
  • Upd: Implementation clean-up of obsolete dialog boxes replaced by tabs

Version 24.11.10 (September 15, 2014)

  • Upd: KL-quantifiers of FncS and FncR disabled
  • Upd: Kendall’s TauB as a default statistical quantifier for SDKL-Miner
  • Upd: Bug in the description of relative threshold in quantifers settings of all procedures

Version 24.11.09 (September 14, 2014)

  • Upd: CF-, KL-, SDCF- and SDKL-quantifers of type ‘at least one frequency’ renamed to ‘SOME’ instead of ‘ANY’
  • Upd: Alternative names of literals in MCluster-Miner hypotheses

Version 24.11.08 (September 9, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in join of database tables

Version 24.11.07 (August 31, 2014)

  • Upd: Category range setting disabled for KL and SDKL Statistical quantifiers
  • Upd: No SDKL-Quantifiers of FncS and FncR

Version 24.11.06 (August 26, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in adding a new SDCF-Quantifier of type Step-up/down

Version 24.11.05 (August 25, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in range checking of KL-, SDKL- and SDCF-Quantifiers

Version 24.11.04 (August 24, 2014)

  • Upd: KL-, SD4ft-, Ac4ft-, SDCF- and SDKL-Quantifiers setting dialog windows redesign
  • Upd: Button for running a task renamed to ‘Run’
  • Upd: Bug in initialization of default values for SDCF-Quantifiers
  • Upd: Bug in adding a new SDCF distribution quantifier

Version 24.11.03 (August 20, 2014)

  • New: LMCL integration of ETree-Miner tasks
  • Upd: CF-Quantifiers and 4ft-Quantifiers settings dialog windows redesign

Version 24.11.02 (August 13, 2014)

  • New: Database table short name and optional prefix to column names
  • New: LMCL integration of MCluster-Miner tasks
  • Upd: ETree-Miner default rand-seed init number for pseudo-random division of data into training and testing sets (identical for repeated runs of the same task)
  • Upd: The All-in-one download file with the new UI renamed to and the previous version with legacy xxTask and xxResult modules renamed to

Version 24.11.01 (August 6, 2014)

  • New: LMCL reference documentation available online
  • Upd: Minor updates to LMCL and demo scripts

Version 24.11.00 (August 5, 2014)

  • New: LMCL support for manual editing of categories

Version 24.10.01 (August 4, 2014)

  • Upd: Terminology unification in user interface
  • Upd: Bug in 4ft-Miner hypotheses list filtering resulting in crash after a hypotheses generation and verification has finished

Version 24.10.00 (July 31, 2014)

  • New: Interactive analysis of attributes correlations (using Kendall’s TauB correlation coefficient)
  • New: MCluster-Miner validation warning of strong correlation among pairs of attributes proposed for clustering
  • Upd: Mouse wheel button closes any open tab when clicked on its title
  • Upd: Default maximal number of attributes in MC partial group setting decreased to 4

Version 24.09.03 (July 22, 2014)

  • Upd: KL, SDKL and SDCF quantifiers categories-range-setting upgraded analogously to the CF Quantifiers range setting
  • Upd: Terminology update for quantifiers settings dialog boxes

Version 24.09.02 (July 20, 2014)

  • Upd: Copy button in hypothesis tab works regardless of the partial tab selected
  • Upd: Hypotheses Filter buttons disables if not implemented yet
  • Upd: New cedent types for CF, KL, MC and ET attributes settings
  • Upd: Terminology update for CF, KL, MC and ET attributes settings dialog boxes
  • Upd: Terminology update for CF, MC and ET for attributes settings in export and import files

Version 24.09.01 (July 17, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in KL Quantifier Settings dialog window

Version 24.09.00 (July 13, 2014)

  • New: Batch rename of categories in Attribute form
  • New: Converting a category from list to X-Category and vice versa in Attribute form
  • Upd: LM Exec Open dialog preservers current system directory even on WinXP
  • Upd: Bug in generation of LMCL documentation (parameters were missing)

Version 24.08.00 (July 10, 2014)

  • New: ReverseMiner evolutionary parameter of elite size and an option to include actually the best individual for each defined data-mining task criterion
  • New: ReverseMiner auto-save of a detail overview for fitness of each individual in population for each evolutionary iteration
  • Upd: Bug in LMExec FTPartialCedentSetting class constructor

Version 24.07.03 (July 7, 2014)

  • Upd: Class of equivalence window update
  • Upd: Terminology update for cedents settings, literals settings and quantifiers settings
  • Upd: Bug in CF-Hypothesis tab not showing all controls
  • Upd: Bug in ReverseMiner cross-over evolutionary operation

Version 24.07.02 (July 3, 2014)

  • Upd: Minor terminology update
  • Upd: Bug in Show list button while adding literals into task setting

Version 24.07.01 (June 30, 2014)

  • Upd: Dialog windows for selecting tables and attributes simplified (edit buttons not longer included)
  • Upd: Several typos correction
  • Upd: Derived column based on 4ft-hypothesis with four possible values describing a field of the four-fold table the corresponding record adds to and a NULL value when the 4ft-hypothesis condition is not met
  • Upd: Workaround for graph-windows redraw after tree hide/show
  • Upd: Data type names rename (Integer number, Decimal number, Text, Boolean, Date/Time)

Version 24.07.00 (June 26, 2014)

  • New: Quick multiple attribute(s) to group of attributes assignment
  • New: LM ReverseMiner integration with the LM Workspace module
  • Upd: Tab close-icon moved to tab-title

Version 24.06.01 (June 22, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in adding a new task of type SDCF-Miner or SDKL-Miner
  • Upd: Typo in “Euclidean” distance

Version 24.06.00 (June 20, 2014)

  • New: Additional table import from text file in Data Introduction/Tables list
  • New: Discretized data matrix explore tab
  • Upd: Scatter-plot analysis check for NULL values in database columns
  • Upd: Scatter-plot analysis trendline computation update
  • Upd: Interactive analysis “filtered rows count” message unification
  • Upd: Bug in opening a metabase without analyzed data available
  • Upd: Bug in MCluster-Miner intra-cluster distance calculation for cosinus similarity
  • Upd: Bug in CF analysis 3D graph while “Hide X-Category” was checked

Version 24.05.00 (June 8, 2014)

  • New: Ac4ft-Miner integration into LM Workspace
  • New: LMCL support for CF-Miner tasks and hypotheses
  • New: LMCL support for KL-Miner tasks and hypotheses

Version 24.04.00 (June 1, 2014)

  • New: SDCF-Miner integration into LM Workspace
  • New: SDKL-Miner integration into LM Workspace
  • New: LMCL support for SD4ft-Miner tasks and hypotheses

Version 24.03.00 (May 24, 2014)

  • New: Frequency analysis tab
  • New: 4ft Contingency analysis tab
  • Upd: LMCL documentation update for lm.tasks.interpretation.Hypothesis class
  • Upd: Bug in interactive analysis of attributes on database column of Date/Time
  • Upd: Bug in the default name for joined categories of type intervals of integers

Version 24.02.01 (May 10, 2014)

  • Upd: TxtImport line wrapped in Sample data box if longer than 1024 characters

Version 24.02.00 (May 1, 2014)

  • New: Derived columns based on task results (for 4ft-, CF-, KL-, MC- and ET-hypotheses)
  • New: ‘Show column’ button on attribute form
  • Upd: Maximal length of matrix, column, attribute and category names prolonged to 255 characters
  • Upd: Attribute dichotomize parameters settings improvement
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner hypothesis generation of decision rules from a tree when minimal tree quality test was disabled

Version 24.01.24 (April 23, 2014)

  • New: Text data import batch rename of imported columns
  • Upd: Text data import single-byte character format information

Version 24.01.23 (April 18, 2014)

  • New: 4ft-Miner hypothesis tab form
  • New: SD4ft-Miner hypothesis tab form
  • New: KL-Miner hypothesis tab form
  • Upd: Hypothesis list default sorting option updated during each generation of hypothesis
  • Upd: ETree-Miner hypothesis window buttons layout bug
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner minimal tree quality parameter setting
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner decision rules multiple instances inserted

Version 24.01.22 (April 13, 2014)

  • New: LMCodesDef.xml with definition of recognized values for code-tables for XML import validation
  • Upd: 4ftMiner.Task.AssociationRules.Template.XML template update

Version 24.01.21 (April 8, 2014)

  • Upd: LMSwbImporter 4ft-Miner 'Threshold' tag with attribute ‘type’ as an alternative to 'ThresholdType' tag

Version 24.01.20 (April 7, 2014)

  • New: CF-Miner Steps-Up/Down ‘Consecutive Steps’ option to consider only the longest un-interrupted sequence of steps
  • Upd: CF-Miner relative step count as a floating point number (no rounding)
  • Upd: Dichotomized attributes category order changed to No (0), Yes (1)
  • Upd: MC-Cluster Task Settings doesn’t show maximal Intra/Extra if the corresponding option is unchecked
  • Upd: Warning for re-used lower and upper boundaries in Auto-create categories of type Equidistant intervals for multiple new attributes
  • Upd: Bug in grid task description data export

Version 24.01.19 (April 6, 2014)

  • New: CF-Miner Hypotheses Syntax Filter
  • New: KL-Miner Hypotheses Syntax Filter
  • New: Two types of categorized attributes dichotomization (binarization)
  • New: ‘Play sounds’ application option to disable sounds
  • Upd: Matrix selection dialog skipped while adding a new task if there is just one matrix
  • Upd: CF-Miner Steps-Up/Down with number of steps relative to range is rounded to the nearest whole number
  • Upd: MC- and ET-Task Settings attributes list width adjusted according to the width of the whole tab
  • Upd: Tasks Results tab Copy to group of hypotheses enabled even if no group created yet
  • Upd: Hypotheses Syntax Filter implementation redesign

Version 24.01.18 (March 30, 2014)

  • New: Binarization of categorized attributes
  • Upd: Minor improvements to dialogs layout

Version 24.01.17 (March 29, 2014)

  • New: Czech mnemonic names for automatically created categories and a corresponding option in Application options dialog
  • New: MCluster-Miner optional target class attribute and corresponding colorization options of results
  • New: MCluster-Miner Cosinus similarity option
  • Upd: CF-Miner hypothesis frequencies graph automatically switched to “Relative to category” if a Steps-Up/Down CF-quantifier with this settings is used
  • Upd: Closed intervals for equidistant intervals of type integer
  • Upd: Objects name-update with case-sensitive test
  • Upd: Better formatting of 2D-graphs X-axis item names
  • Upd: Bug in auto-set name of joined categories of type interval
  • Upd: Bug in formatting of controls in CF-Miner Task Settings tab
  • Upd: Bug in Steps-Up/Down values in CF-Miner results list

Version 24.01.16 (March 23, 2014)

  • New: Names of categories are updated automatically after a change in its values or interval boundaries
  • New: MCCluster-Miner hypothesis centroids-positions graph
  • Upd: Better value-formatting for categories and data type float
  • Upd: MCluster-Miner requires at lest two attributes for clustering
  • Upd: MCluster-Miner results sorted by Intra/Extra ratio ascending
  • Upd: Double-click on task type icon while adding a new task
  • Upd: Ctrl+Num9 switches between Task Results and Task Settings tabs
  • Upd: Wrong position of “Rel Col” option in KL Contingency Analysis tab
  • Upd: Wrong interval closing in attribute category Split function
  • Upd: Bug in Task Results tab last selected item position retrieval

Version 24.01.15 (March 16, 2014)

  • New: Mutual Influence of type Negative influence auto-creation of atomic association rules
  • Upd: Bug in LMCL array size initialization

Version 24.01.14 (March 14, 2014)

  • New: CF-Miner Hypothesis tab
  • New: Ctrl+Num7 and Ctrl+Num9 shortcuts for Task settings and Task results tab
  • New: Task Results tab Edit button for writing task comments
  • Upd: Several minor improvements, especially on progress information for longer tasks

Version 24.01.13 (March 13, 2014)

  • Upd: Improved 4ft-cedents generation for large datasets with many categories using an auto-pruning of low-frequency categories (below BASE-implied threshold). Applies only to partial cedents with conjuction and with literals coefficient length equal to one.

Version 24.01.12 (March 12, 2014)

  • Upd: Significant (50%) improvement to Bitstrings GetCount() computation, including an internal cache
  • Upd: Depth-First and Breadth-First terminology update

Version 24.01.11 (March 11, 2014)

  • New: Mutual influence integration into LMCL
  • Upd: New task type selection icons layout re-design
  • Upd: Bug in ET Decision tree Analysis state restore after a LM Workspace restart

Version 24.01.10 (March 9, 2014)

  • New: Tree-traverse buttons for ET Decision tree Analysis and ETree-Miner hypothesis
  • Upd: New task type selection list enhanced with list and icons, remembers also the previously selected option
  • Upd: 4ft-Task form missing handler for antecedent list box double click

Version 24.01.09 (March 7, 2014)

  • New: MCluster-Miner hypothesis tab including XY Plot visualization using PCA
  • New: ETree-Miner hypothesis tab including tree visualization
  • Upd: Bug in Mutual influence Atomic Association Rules dialog box concerning Antecedent and Succedent buttons
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner exploration tree data reference

Version 24.01.08 (March 5, 2014)

  • New: Interactive decision/exploration tree analysis (TDIDT)
  • Upd: No confirm message while checking the unique primary key if number of records in matrix is not above 20000
  • Upd: Bug in text import date/time-format default estimate

Version 24.01.07 (March 2, 2014)

  • New: Improved XY plot graph window
  • Upd: Bug in LMWorkspace filtering of hypotheses
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner attribute significance calculation

Version 24.01.06 (February 28, 2014)

  • New: Principal Component Analysis tab
  • New: Activity log export with user-defined information
  • Upd: LM Workspace reload using a (temporary) empty form

Version 24.01.05 (February 25, 2014)

  • New: SD4ft-Miner tasks support in LM Workspace
  • Upd: Improved LMGridPooler task cancellation
  • Upd: Derived column values refresh after its formulae has changed

Version 24.01.04 (February 24, 2014)

  • New: If there is a one and only database table after a new metabase is created the table is automatically initialized and its primary key is marked if there is a column of name ‘ID_LM’ or ‘ID’ in it and its type is Integer.
  • Upd: Bug in auto-create of equidistant-intervals with parameter of Count
  • Upd: Activity logging of auto-create categories, including parameters
  • Upd: Various improvements to LM Workspace interface

Version 24.01.03 (February 23, 2014)

  • New: Scatter-plot Analysis tab
  • New: CF Contingency Analysis tab
  • New: KL Contingency Analysis tab
  • New: Batch join of categories based on frequencies
  • Upd: Database table items grouped in the Opened tab tree
  • Upd: CF-quantifier of ‘Steps-up’ as a default quantifier for CF-Miner tasks
  • Upd: Kendall’s TauB as a default quantifier for KL-Miner tasks
  • Upd: Activity logging of task settings parameters changes
  • Upd: Attribute tab buttons layout re-design

Version 24.01.02 (February 21, 2014)

  • New: LM version number in title bar of LM Workspace module
  • New: List of used Groups of hypotheses names in Results (aggregated) and while adding a new group of hypotheses
  • New: Context menu item ‘Close Tab’
  • Upd: Opened tab tree ‘Results overview’ moved to ‘Tasks’ group

Version 24.01.01 (February 20, 2014)

  • New: LM Workspace context menu for Tab tree items
  • Upd: Activity log includes more actions
  • Upd: Database column tab redesign
  • Upd: Word-wrapping in task generation status message
  • Upd: Text import speed-up and auto-setting improvements
  • Upd: Several other improvements to LM Workspace module

Version 24.01.00 (February 18, 2014)

  • New: Database column tab with value frequencies and data plot
  • New: Activity log
  • Upd: LM Workspace stability improvements but still in the ‘beta-version’

Version 24.00.00 (February 16, 2014)

  • New: Complete re-design of the LISp-Miner system workflow with a new module LM Workspace integrating all the user-available functionality into a single place (a beta-version for now)
  • Upd: ETree-Miner user-option to enable/disable of quality tree testing
  • Upd: Text import includes new date-formats, escapes separator characters in quoted strings, removes quotes surrounding text data and includes an option to limit number of imported rows
  • Upd: LM Admin remove multiple tasks at once
  • Upd: Further streamlining of representations of coefficients of type interval and cuts
  • Upd: Bug in edit dialog box close on reload

Version 23.03.04 (January 28, 2014)

  • New: LM DataSource nominal, ordinal and cardinal type of values in attribute

Version 23.03.03 (January 26, 2014)

  • New: LM Admin new task with description of task types
  • New: MCCluster k-Mode metrics for comparing nominal values
  • New: MCCluster Attribute weight and ‘Category fraction’ parameters

Version 23.03.02 (January 18, 2014)

  • Upd: KLResult default sorting set to Kendall’s TauB
  • Upd: LM DataSource auto-create categories of type equidistant intervals for multiple categories respects user-defined range
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner task creation
  • Upd: Bug in LMAdmin reload after a change in LM DataSource

Version 23.03.01 (January 15, 2014)

  • New: ReverseMiner target number of hypotheses must be set check
  • Upd: ReverseMiner handling of cases where all columns copied from the underlying data
  • Upd: Bug in LMDataSource creating multiple attributes with auto-categories of type interval

Version 23.03.00 (January 13, 2014)

  • New: MCResult Centroids tab in Hypothesis windows
  • Upd: xxPooler repeats reloads of metabase if task to be computed not yet loaded
  • Upd: SwbImporter flag for task just being imported

Version 23.02.04 (January 10, 2014)

  • Upd: Bug in SwbExporter UNICODE escape sequence for capital A with acute

Version 23.02.03 (January 7, 2014)

  • Upd: Horizontal scrollbar in xxResult hypothesis detail window
  • Upd: Bug in the old version of the LM Admin user interface

Version 23.02.02 (January 6, 2014)

  • New: LMCL EverMinerSimple demo example
  • Upd: LM Exec and LMCL related improvements
  • Upd: Another transaction-like workaround for ODBC sources with no transaction support

Version 23.02.01 (January 2, 2014)

  • New: LM DataSource date-part value of DayOfRange with day index within the min-max range of dates in the corresponding column
  • New: Transaction-like workaround for ODBC sources with no transactions support (for tasks and hypotheses structure creation)
  • Upd: LM Admin text import sample data readability improvement
  • Upd: LM Admin the first tab renamed to “Data Introduction”
  • Upd: No ‘data-type mismatch’ error message for attributes based on Date/Time database columns

Version 23.02.00 (December 26, 2013)

  • Upd: Important! More robust handling of possible database and ODBC related exceptions. LM modules should recover from situations when a referred database row is for whatever reason not correctly inserted into metabase.
  • New: LMAdmin user interface re-design available by ‘Switch to new UI’ button
  • New: 4ft-implications prime rule testing for disjunction in succedents. Prime test takes care of more than one quantifier in task settings.
  • New: LMDataSource auto names for DatePart.DayOfWeek attribute categories
  • New: xxResult shows number of hypothesis in each group
  • Upd: xxResult more readable representation of coefficients of type sequence and left/right cut
  • Upd: Proper handling of non-english characters in UI using the ‘MS Shell Dlg’ font
  • Upd: LMAdmin settings of the user-defined font size ‘on’ by default
  • Upd: Task validation settings – 4ft-coefficient length must obey Min < Max
  • Upd: 4ftTask Above Average quantifier description updated to mention difference to Lift interest measure
  • Upd: More detailed error descriptions in database structure reload
  • Upd: Bug in 4ft-coefficient right-cut prime rule test
  • Upd: Bug in xxResult coefficient of type sequence left margin

Version 23.01.02 (December 19, 2013)

  • New: 4ftTask validation new hint to consider enabling filtering of non-prime or logically derived rules
  • Upd: Bug regarding new TaskGenerationStatus of ‘Request’ in Poolers.

Version 23.01.01 (December 17, 2013)

  • New: Hypotheses syntax highlighting in every xxResult module
  • Upd: Bug in creating ETree- and MCluster-Miner task in LMAdmin
  • Upd: ‘***’ placeholders in listboxes if a numeric value doesn’t fit into column width

Version 23.01.00 (December 13, 2013)

  • Upd: Important! Redesign of automatic metabase reloads after a change has been made in another module. Should limit occasional crashes of the module doing the reload.
  • New: 4ftResult main hypotheses list with syntax highlighting
  • New: LM DataSource CF Contingency Analysis
  • New: ReverseMiner logical operators ‘<’, ‘>’ and ‘=’ for computed columns
  • New: ReverseMiner ‘lm.rnd’ function returning random values for computed columns
  • New: ReverseMiner date-part values (Year, Day, DayOfWeek…) accessible in expressions for computed columns
  • New: ReverseMiner ‘range with predefined values’ column value type option
  • Upd: ReverseMiner primary interest measure visible in respective task descriptions
  • Upd: No error box if an error was encountered during task validation when it is also included into validation report
  • Upd: Multiple errors in validation reports (doesn’t stop at the first one)
  • Upd: LM DataSource ‘Hide X-Category’ options in CF and KL Contingency analysis window
  • Upd: No overlapping row descriptions in the KL-contingency tables

Version 23.00.00 (December 1, 2013)

  • New: LMExec module for interpreting scripts in the LISp-Miner Control Language
  • New: Validate function in task dialog windows to summarize errors, warnings and hints in task settings

Version 22.11.04 (November 24, 2013)

  • Upd: “Status” not treated as a SQL reserved keyword while checking tables and columns names
  • Upd: Bug in saving computed database columns statistics for Date-part derived columns into metabase

Version 22.11.03 (November 21, 2013)

  • New: Table and column names SQL syntax check (including reserved keywords) in table structure query and in data import from text files
  • New: Database column statistics computed for Date-part derived columns (Year, Month, Day) or set to possible ranges (Hours, Mins, Secs, DayOfWeek, DayOfYear, WeekOfYear, Quarter)
  • Upd: Bug in reading of Time-part values (Hours, Mins and Secs)
  • Upd: LM DataSource KL-contingency analysis including X-Categories is on by default
  • Upd: Work-around for TaskCancel message not properly passed to LMTaskPooler
  • Upd: Updated applications titles for metabase connection via FileDSN

Version 22.11.02 (November 18, 2013)

  • Upd: LM DataSource KL-contingency analysis including X-Categories
  • Upd: LM DataSource no alphabetical sorting of categories in the “Tree of attributes” dialog window
  • Upd: Bug in LM DataSource “Select a attribute” dialog window layout

Version 22.11.01 (November 17, 2013)

  • Upd: Visually differentiated “Gace” type settings for 4ft-literals descriptions
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner redesign of primary IM computation in respective GUHA procedures
  • Upd: Bug in LM ReverseMiner generation of DatePart derived columns

Version 22.11.00 (November 16, 2013)

  • New: LM Admin “New from TXT” function to directly import data from text files
  • New: LM ReverseMiner additional “randomization” of initialized values
  • Upd: Database related template files moved into DBCon subdirectory

Version 22.10.01 (November 12, 2013)

  • New: “Categories frequency” button in CF-cedent description window in CF- and SDCF-Miner
  • Upd: CFTask StepsUp/Down dialog window redesign
  • Upd: Task generation “Too many hypotheses” as a warning (with no output to AppLog)
  • Upd: Bug in CF-quantifier with StepCount as a relative number
  • Upd: Bug in CF-quantifier of Step up/down if step-size of “relative to previous frequency” was used

Version 22.10.00 (November 10, 2013)

  • New: LM ReverseMiner column initialization from the underlying data
  • New: LM ReverseMiner fixed columns with no change to data allowed
  • Upd: SwbExporter improved template parsing via tree construction
  • Upd: Better visual layout for labels of colored-maps of frequencies

Version 22.09.01 (October 29, 2013)

  • Upd: LM DataSource automatic creation of categories parameter Count set to zero for default to force an user input
  • Upd: Bug in the LM ReverseMiner initialization of individual’s data for String columns with enumeration

Version 22.09.00 (October 27, 2013)

  • New: LM DataSource equidistant intervals with the automatically computed length from the Count parameter
  • New: LM ReverseMiner support for columns of type Date
  • New: LM ReverseMiner support for column values computed from a mathematical formula
  • Upd: Workaround for occasionally resizing of the main application window to zero size
  • Upd: User-defined Category names preserved during the life-time of the “Automatic creation of categories” dialog window

Version 22.08.02 (October 21, 2013)

  • Upd: LMGridPooler task removed from queue if a problem occurs during grid project initialisation
  • Upd: LMProcPooler improved unique directory name for each task
  • Upd: Bug in Hypothesis dialog window DATA tab list colors when negation was used in literals

Version 22.08.01 (October 17, 2013)

  • Upd: Bitstrings cache cleared automatically after a change in dynamic matrix definition
  • Upd: Better management of long tasks progress information window
  • Upd: Bug in dynamic matrix creation with DatePart virtual attributes
  • Upd: LM Admin New task type of MCluster-Miner option was out of radio button group

Version 22.08.00 (October 13, 2013)

  • New: Dynamically created matrixes similar to “database view”, including join of multiple tables
  • New: Visually disambiguated multiple occurrences of a single attribute in any of the 4ft-cedents
  • New: Possibility to hide coefficient values in literals (mainly for binary attributes)
  • Upd: Interruption of the lengthy process of creating many attributes possible
  • Upd: Enhanced list of attributes in Hypothesis window
  • Upd: Bug in frequencies of 4ft-cedents with multiple partial cedents with disjunctions among literals in some of them
  • Upd: Bug in Hypothesis windows DATA tab for partial cedents with disjunctions

Version 22.07.02 (October 6, 2013)

  • Upd: Improved keyboard and mouse interaction in the Classes of equivalence window
  • Upd: F9 shortcut for KexResult in the KexTask module
  • Upd: Bug in LMAdmin currently selected task handling

Version 22.07.01 (October 5, 2013)

  • Upd: Smoothed polynomial trendline
  • Upd: A special implementation of the regression for linear functions
  • Upd: Improved consistency checking before deleting of shared objects
  • Upd: Improved automatic reload after a change was made in another module
  • Upd: Bug in the Automatic creation of categories dialog so the list of values was empty

Version 22.07.00 (October 2, 2013)

  • New: Polynomial trend in the LM DataSource frequency analysis and in the CF-Result Hypothesis window
  • Upd: Precautional complete rebuild of all the modules
  • Upd: Check for an empty Fields delimeter character while defining derived columns in the LM DataSource
  • Upd: MCluster-Miner more detailed message when a value doesn’t belong to any of defined categories
  • Upd: MCResult hypothesis window graph tab shows only leaf-clusters
  • Upd: No check for a new version in the quiet-mode

Version 22.06.00 (September 19, 2013)

  • New: Relationships among database tables
  • Upd: New version announcement includes changes since the last download
  • Upd: MCluster ID included into the MCluster-Miner PMML template
  • Upd: Checking of the minimal effective length of MCluster-Miner attribute list improved

Version 22.05.02 (September 15, 2013)

  • Upd: Bug in SwbImporter database dictionary multi-column import

Version 22.05.01 (September 11, 2013)

  • Upd: Bug in loading matrix structure and checking Date/Time columns

Version 22.05.00 (September 7, 2013)

  • New: MCluster-Miner support in the LM SwbImporter and SwbExporter
  • New: Date/Time-part tag in export templates

Version 22.04.00 (September 3, 2013)

  • New: Derived attributes for several Date/Time-parts automatically created for each Date/Time database column
  • New: MCluster-Miner integration into LM ReverseMiner

Version 22.03.02 (August 28, 2013)

  • Upd: LM GridPooler working dir redirected according to the /GridDataPath parameter

Version 22.03.01 (August 27, 2013)

  • New: LM GridPooler /GridDataPath command line parameter
  • Upd: Bug in LM ProcPooler calling xxGridGens while a space on the path

Version 22.03.00 (August 26, 2013)

  • New: 4ftResult Background knowledge survey

Version 22.02.00 (August 22, 2013)

  • New: LM DataSource mutual influence grid “reset to attributes with at least one mutual influence set”
  • New: LM DataSource right click on mutual influence grid to delete the influence
  • New: Time-logging for code profiling
  • New: SwbImporter deletes matrix local data cache after a forced reload of the DB structure or if the cache flag is turned-off
  • Upd: No Basic/Remaining test for zero-length 4ft-partial cedents

Version 22.01.00 (August 11, 2013)

  • New: LMAdmin MC-Miner task support
  • New: MC-Miner Bisection K-means algorithm
  • New: Ctrl-TAB in Hypothesis dialog for switching among tabs

Version 22.00.00 (July 29, 2013)

  • New: MC-Miner GUHA procedure for data clustering

Version 21.18.03 (July 28, 2013)

  • Upd: Bug in the CF-Miner Steps quantifiers when ‘Relation’ set to ‘Equal’
  • Upd: CF-Task params dialog box not poping up
  • Upd: CF-Result hypothesis graph window tooltip without y-axis ‘0’
  • Upd: Corrupted file

Version 21.18.02 (July 25, 2013)

  • Upd: Boolean-type categories and coefficients deprecated
  • Upd: Default name for the 4ft-partial-cedents in a newly create task changed to “Default Partial cedent”
  • Upd: Minor updates to dialog layouts
  • Upd: ETree-Miner new task with a single splitting attribute only (i.e. simple decistion trees by default)

Version 21.18.01 (June 20, 2013)

  • Upd: Categories frequency dialog window tests of no categories defined for an attribute

Version 21.18.00 (June 17, 2013)

  • New: 4ftResult new filtering by hypotheses syntax comparison
  • New: 4ftResult shows number of hypotheses in each group
  • Upd: 4ftResult Filter by Background knowledge dialog box simplified

Version 21.17.00 (June 13, 2013)

  • New: LMSwbImporter and LMSwbExporter uses the Sewebar\Template\LM.PMML.Alias.txt by default
  • Upd: Coefficient of type “interval” renamed to “sequence” (of categories) and “cyclical intervals” to “cyclical sequence”
  • Upd: Maximal number of ProcPooler jobs limited to 5 times the limit of concurrent processed
  • Upd: Grid/ProcPooler division of a task into subtask algorithm now rounded to whole cedents only (if too many variants had emerged)

Version 21.16.00 (May 18, 2013)

  • New: RM attribute values – populate from categories
  • Upd: Several bug in the background generation of hypotheses!
  • Upd: ProcPooler xxGridGen modules not appearing as an icon on the TaskBar
  • Upd: SwbImporter taskName not empty check

Version 21.15.01 (March 19, 2013)

  • New: CF-Miner PMML templates included
  • Upd: Bug in 4ftResult filter message “not any one selected”

Version 21.15.00 (March 18, 2013)

  • New: CF-Miner Task LMSwbExporter PMML Export
  • New: CF-Miner Task import support in LMSwbImporter
  • New: LMAdmin Delete all data from metabase (admin only)

Version 21.14.00 (March 13, 2013)

  • New: FILEDSN support for the LMSwbImporter module
  • Upd: “No DSN specified” error message stored into the right AppLog file (even if changed by the command line parameter)

Version 21.13.06 (March 6, 2013)

  • New: LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.Attributes.Template.XML template for SEWEBAR

Version 21.13.05 (February 28, 2013)

  • Upd: Bug in the LMProcPooler inter-process communication when NoProgress flag was set

Version 21.13.04 (February 2, 2013)

  • New: ETResult ET-Trunk dialog windows
  • Upd: ET-Trunk weight calculation normalized
  • Upd: Bug in Generation/Protocol window after a relaunch of the ETTask module
  • Upd: Bug in the ETResult batch consultation

Version 21.13.03 (January 17, 2013)

  • New: User-defined path to the PCGrid binaries
  • New: GenerationVersionTag for each task with the version information in time of generation
  • Upd: Bug in ETree-Miner percentage progress information

Version 21.13.02 (January 15, 2013)

  • Upd: Updated version of speed-up of computation of number of sub-tasks
  • Upd: Prime rule testing switch includes enlarging of succedent (both for cofficients and for literals)
  • Upd: LM ProcPooler “xxGridGen not exists” error message just once

Version 21.13.01 (January 14, 2013)

  • Upd: Several bug in the speed-up of computation of number of sub-tasks (introduced in the version 21.13.00)
  • Upd: ETree-Miner number of cross-validation folds up to a number of rows in data matrix (i.e. one-leave-out testing possible)
  • Upd: 4ft-Miner prime rule testing the same for both local and distributed-grid solution of tasks

Version 21.13.00 (January 12, 2013)

  • New: ETree-Miner integrated testing of generated exploration trees (including cross-validation)
  • New: 4ftTask generation status and last error message (if any), namely for solving tasks in background
  • Upd: No delay-time for exit after a background LM ProcPooler or LM GridPooler process has finished
  • Upd: Speed-up in computation of number of sub-tasks (for grid and LM ProcPooler)
  • Upd: Better names for SD4ft- and Ac4ft-quantifiers (DiffAbs and DiffRel)
  • Upd: Bug in generation of 4ft-coefficients of type subsest with minimal length greater than 1 and with deduction rules for implication quantifiers enabled

Version 21.12.00 (December 27, 2012)

  • New: Metabase-only mode if the analyzed data are not available
  • Upd: Compression of bitstrings to reduce size of cache on local disk

Version 21.11.00 (December 26, 2012)

  • New: Support for caching of bitstrings of categories onto local disk
  • New: ETree-Miner option to store rules into metabase
  • New: ETree-Miner task check for duplicite attributes
  • New: LM DataSource attribute cloning preservers frequencies
  • Upd: Misspelling of ETResult “Consultation” buttons
  • Upd: Bug in the ETree-Miner ODBC-time calculation

Version 21.10.00 (December 22, 2012)

  • Upd: Already loaded bitstrings of categories preserved through reload of data (if no change to category or its attribute has happened)
  • Upd: LM DataSource no need to recalculate frequencies after join of categories
  • Upd: Bug in LM DataSource reload while in Attributes Tree tab

Version 21.09.02 (December 20, 2012)

  • Upd: LM DataSource Attribute Tree shorcuts redesign
  • Upd: LM DataSource bug in the confirmation of default names for multiple newly created attributes

Version 21.09.01 (December 17, 2012)

  • Upd: LM DataSource Attribute Tree tab auto-focus of the first non-empty attribute group
  • Upd: Bug in the LM DataSource update database column list
  • Upd: No frequencies in the Source.TransformationDictionary.Matrix.Include.Template.PMML template

Version 21.09.00 (December 16, 2012)

  • New: 4ftResult “show hypotheses not in any group” option
  • Upd: Bug in the grid initialization

Version 21.08.00 (December 14, 2012)

  • New: LM DataSource QuantityGroup tree tab
  • New: LM DataSource import of data preprocessing through PMML
  • New: Simple creation of a new metabase for an ODBC source
  • New: LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.DBConnect.Template.PMML export template
  • Upd: Underscore (“_”) accepted as a starting character of database column names
  • Upd: Attribute name must be unique within its matrix only
  • Upd: Select ODBC source dialog window redesign
  • Upd: LM DataSource category list refresh after frequency analysis dialog window is closed

Version 21.07.00 (December 12, 2012)

  • New: ETree-Miner “trunks” to overcome exponential growth of derived decision trees
  • New: ETree-Miner the “lowest level with splits” and “Split-max number decrease per level” parameters
  • New: ETree-Miner exploration-trees pruning (permutations and same-class leaves)
  • New: ETree-Miner upper estimate of decision trees that could be generated from an exploration tree

Version 21.06.02 (December 6, 2012)

  • Upd: Just-in-time computing of categories frequencies if used in the SwbExport template
  • Upd: MS SQLServer ODBCD driver detection

Version 21.06.01 (December 5, 2012)

  • New: xxTask modules check the task parameters before running LM TaskPooler or ProcPooler batch generation and verification
  • Upd: Bug in the prime rule testing with the missing values included

Version 21.06.00 (December 2, 2012)

  • New: ETree-Result batch consultation, including testing on sample data
  • Upd: Sewebar templates in the

Version 21.05.03 (November 29, 2012)

  • Upd: Alternative attribute names in ETree-Result
  • Upd: ETree-Task parameter redesign, dialog window update
  • Upd: ETree-Results decision-tree-limit increased to 9999

Version 21.05.02 (November 28, 2012)

  • Upd: Version mismatch

Version 21.05.01 (November 27, 2012)

  • Upd: Improved cedent total-length information
  • Upd: Renewed download for basic courses

Version 21.05.00 (November 26, 2012)

  • New: Parametric cloning of the 4ft-Miner tasks (cedent-length or one-category)
  • New: Multiple selection of tasks in the 4ftTask list

Version 21.04.00 (November 25, 2012)

  • New: Default SewebarConnect.grid.settings file for setting-up grid in the Sewebar project environment
  • New: LM GridPooler /GridBinariesPath command line parameter if grid files not in the default location as subdirectory
  • Upd: Tries to check for a new version even the same day if no internet connection was previously available
  • Upd: LM ProcPooler and GridPooler try to create the TaskPooler directory (if doesn’t exists already) for storing the central lock file

Version 21.03.00 (November 22, 2012)

  • New: Check for a new version available (on app start, when online, only once per day)

Version 21.02.03 (November 20, 2012)

  • Upd: LM DataSource multiple selections in the Attribute list
  • Upd: Bug in step-completed percentage in the generation progress
  • Upd: Bug in cloning of attributes (a wrong dialog box opened after)

Version 21.02.02 (November 19, 2012)

  • Upd: LM DataSource From < To interval check in automatic creation of categories
  • Upd: Improved generation progress information
  • Upd: LM ProcPooler bug in removing working files after Cancel

Version 21.02.01 (November 18, 2012)

  • New: Value range from-to for both equidistant and equifrequency intervals in automatic creation of categories (LM DataSource)
  • Upd: Bug in escape char in export of data-strings with newline char
  • Upd: Bug in IPC notify signature

Version 21.02.00 (November 17, 2012)

  • New: Sample categories list in the LM DataSource and in the attribute-selection dialog windows
  • New: LM DataSource categories frequency range for both enumeration and equifrequency automatic creation of categories
  • New: ‘Use mnemonic names’ switch for automatically created equifrekvency categories
  • New: Multi-line comment merged for lists of tasks and attributes
  • Upd: LM DataSource AutoCreateCategories dialog redesign and LM SwbImporter syntax enriched

Version 21.01.00 (November 16, 2012)

  • New: TaskGroup background run (every not solved task in the group)
  • New: LM DataSource matrix and attributes PMML export
  • New: Number of hypotheses and color items in task-list dialogs
  • Upd: LM DataSource cloning of a single attribute shows its dialog window after cloning
  • Upd: LM DataSource adding more than 5 attributes in the Attribute Tree window without need to confirm each attribute name
  • Upd: Information dialog while deleting categories with many values or intervals
  • Upd: Information dialog while deleting many hypotheses

Version 21.00.00 (November 15, 2012)

  • New: LM ProcPooler module for parallel processing on a single computer with several processor cores
  • New: Generation Platform type stored for each task
  • Upd: Delimiter is used always for multi-column names (regardles of the defined field length)
  • Upd: Improved responsibility for Cancel button during generation of hypotheses
  • Upd: Bug in name of the actual step in the progress window while generating cards of categories

Version 20.12.03 (November 11, 2012)

  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner EA report step duration and speed
  • Upd: Bug in the LM DataSource auto-create of categories by enumerations – now takes the check-box into account

Version 20.12.02 (November 6, 2012)

  • Upd: LM Admin the first task selection after a TaskGroup change
  • Upd: ListCtrl control row height adjustment to match zoom factor
  • Upd: xxTask adding a new literal with looking-up of attributes by search-text
  • Upd: LM TaskPooler main loop more stable

Version 20.12.01 (November 5, 2012)

  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner delay after TaskFinished message

Version 20.12.00 (November 4, 2012)

  • New: BASE-based optimization for the Support quantifier
  • New: LM SwbImporter reloading of table information (RecCount, column ranges) by the ReloadTableInfo tag
  • New: LM SwbImporter automatic creation of categories by the AutoDiscretize tag
  • New: LM DataSource table data export as a text
  • Upd: LM SwbImporter improved progress information

Version 20.11.00 (November 1, 2012)

  • New: LM Admin ‘advanced mode’ for multiple applications open
  • New: LM DataSource minimal frequency limit while automatically creating categories of type ‘enumeration’
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner evolution speed improvement by TaskSurvey export in the LM TaskPooler

Version 20.10.00 (October 31, 2012)

  • New: 4ftResult Filter “Not anyone selected” literal option
  • Upd: Checking of tasks parameters before closing the task window

Version 20.09.00 (October 30, 2012)

  • New: 4ftResult filtering of hypotheses by comparison to another task results
  • Upd: Better checking of tasks parameters before generation of hypotheses starts
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner bug while closing application

Version 20.08.07 (October 29, 2012)

  • Upd: Bug in BASE-based optimization for the FUI quantifier

Version 20.08.06 (October 28, 2012)

  • Upd: Number of hypotheses in the list of tasks in the xxTask modules

Version 20.08.05 (October 27, 2012)

  • Upd: Bug in creating equifrequency categories when more than 10000 distinct values in the underlying column
  • Upd: Improved inter-process communication during LM ReverseMiner evolution (LM TaskPooler, LM SwbExporter)

Version 20.08.04 (October 26, 2012)

  • New: LM DataSource hint about no space and special characters in the table name and column names respectively
  • New: LM ReverseMiner Ok column in the Evolution tab Task list
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner speed improvements through indexes to string values
  • Upd: Bug in LM ReverseMiner CompareTo after a reload of data
  • Upd: LM DataSource “Too many distinct values” message shown only once
  • Upd: LM Admin no “Please select an item” message after the main window activation

Version 20.08.03 (October 25, 2012)

  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner speed improvements through RMDataSet dump

Version 20.08.02 (October 24, 2012)

  • New: File DSN support in choosing a working database dialog
  • Upd: Enlarged the Task-Generation Progress Dialog and a horizontal scrollbar included
  • Upd: Attribute Groups exported while preparing LM ReverseMiner individual metabase
  • Upd: LM SwbExporter LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.Template.PMML template updated
  • Upd: LISp-Miner.Core.ZIP for a complete download

Version 20.08.01 (October 22, 2012)

  • Upd: Bug in deleting of tasks from the LM ControlPanel
  • Upd: Bug in creating bit-string cache in the LM ReverseMiner if some value was infinity

Version 20.08.00 (October 20, 2012)

  • New: 4ft-Miner AAD and BAD quantifiers “not include worse antecedent extensions” task parameter switch
  • New: LM ReverseMiner sample data export (MDB, TXT, clipboard)
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner RowRandom evolutionary operation change
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner preparing DB files speed improvements
  • Upd: Auto-create of categories with the equi-frequency intervals with intuitive names of categories or category indexes
  • Upd: Upgrade of datatype range in progress controls

Version 20.07.01 (October 18, 2012)

  • New: LM DataSource workflow redesign with tabbed forms
  • Upd: Bug in the automatic creation of equidistant intervals when the overal maximal value was equal to maximal value of the last interval

Version 20.06.01 (October 16, 2012)

  • New: Minor changes to the LM ReverseMiner interface
  • Upd: Bug in the LM ReverseMiner evolution history graph with more than 200 points

Version 20.06.00 (October 14, 2012)

  • New: LM Admin fit-to-screen feature
  • New: LM ReverseMiner CompareTo feature while editing evolution parameters
  • New: LM ReverseMiner colored information about type of evolutionary operation the best individual has been created by
  • New: LM ReverseMiner complete history of evolution in the report

Version 20.05.00 (October 13, 2012)

  • New: LM ReverseMiner EA crossover-random operation
  • New: LM ReverseMiner EA Parameters dialog window
  • New: Primary interest-measure settings in the SD4ft-Miner, SDCF-Miner, SDKL-Miner and Ac4ft-Miner

Version 20.05.01 (October 13, 2012)

  • New: RM Case Working dir parent path preserved through cloning
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner: Creating a whole directory tree for WorkingDir
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner: Evolution parameters dialog shown while creating a new RM Case
  • Upd: Wrong order of EA operation titles after new Row crossovers added

Version 20.04.01 (October 7, 2012)

  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner and LM TaskPooler IPC on WinXP

Version 20.04.00 (October 6, 2012)

  • New: LM ReverseMiner binary data cache for faster solving of tasks
  • New: LM TaskPooler ping message to LM ReverseMiner before exit
  • New: LM SwbExporter ping message to LM ReverseMiner before exit
  • New: LM ReverseMiner Options dialog

Version 20.03.02 (October 2, 2012)

  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner EA report update

Version 20.03.01 (September 29, 2012)

  • New: LM ReverseMiner evolution report
  • Upd: Minor updates to the LM ReverseMiner implementation and interface
  • Upd: Bug in opening other (not listed) DSN in the LM Admin

Version 20.03.00 (September 27, 2012)

  • New: Primary interest-measure settings (4ft-Miner, CF-Miner, KL-Miner)
  • New: LM ReverseMiner weighted hypotheses count based on the primary IM values
  • New: LM ReverseMiner failed task generation test and interruption of the evolution
  • New: LM ReverseMiner progress indicator for each evolutionary step
  • Upd: 4ft-Miner no test of a maximal BASE parameter (to allow a proper settings for the LM ReverseMiner tasks)
  • Upd: LM ReverseMiner: No second opening of the same dialog window while adding a new enumeration value; recalculation of sum of frequencies for enumeration values

Version 20.02.02 (September 23, 2012)

  • New: LMSwbExporter error messages inserted into the log too

Version 20.02.01 (September 19, 2012)

  • Upd: No ODBC dialog if a connect to database fails
  • Upd: LMSurvey.Task.Template.txt

Version 20.01.00 (September 4, 2012)

  • New: Grid support for the ETree-Miner procedure
  • New: ETGridGen module
  • Upd: Full implementation of the LM GridPooler module
  • Upd: Decomissioning of the xxGen modules now superseded by the LM TaskPooler/LM GridPooler

Version 20.00.01 (August 31, 2012)

  • Upd: DB table for the LM GridPooler not loaded yet even for an older metabase

Version 20.00.00 (August 30, 2012)

  • New: LM GridPooler module for transparent solving of task on the grid
  • Upd: Check grid task status with number of partial results available
  • Upd: New alias character for hypothesis quantifier in the LMSwbExporter

Version 19.03.01 (August 20, 2012)

  • Upd: Workaround for Win7 x32 bug while switching into the Reverse-Miner Results page

Version 19.03.00 (August 2, 2012)

  • New: Multi-select, multi-edit and multi-insert of DM Tasks in the RM DM Tasks list form
  • New: Import of column(s) definition from another RM Case
  • New: Check for a duplicate definition in the RM Case columns list
  • Upd: Modified evolutionary operations of crossover and mutation
  • Upd: Matrix and attributes characteristics re-computed for the RM Best data
  • Upd: New version of the RM demo data
  • Upd: SEWEBAR PMML template LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.Template.PMML

Version 19.02.04 (July 9, 2012)

  • Upd: New syntax of the DiscretizeBin tag in the PMML template
  • Upd: SEWEBAR PMML templates (LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.Template.PMML, Source.TransformationDictionary.Task.Include.Template.PMML, Task.FTHypothesis.Include.Template.PMML)
  • Upd: Improvements to the ReverseMiner UI
  • Upd: Bug in the ReverseMiner mutation-swap evolutionary operation

Version 19.02.03 (July 6, 2012)

  • New: SwbExporter /NoEscapeSeqUnicode command line parameter
  • Upd: More error messages for return state of ODBC database catalog functions
  • Upd: Bug in export of the task description to grid

Version 19.02.02 (July 3, 2012)

  • Upd: Reverse-Miner remembers the previously selected item in the list after data has been reloaded
  • Upd: Discarding of results after a change in RM case definition
  • Upd: Points at lines in evolution graph in Reverse-Miner
  • Upd: Bug in cloning of RM cases

Version 19.02.01 (June 28, 2012)

  • Upd: A silent-error while a column has too many distinct values for PMML export
  • Upd: No disabled “Select” button for looking-up ODBC Data Sources (this function is not supported)
  • Upd: Bug in LM TaskPooler concerning initializing of a new task
  • Upd: Bug in deleting of quantifier when a task was inserted into a RM Case

Version 19.02.00 (June 15, 2012)

  • New: Parameters for delayed start of follow-up processes (LM TaskPooler and LM SwbExporter) during evolution
  • Upd: More checking for valid RM Case parameters setting before evolution begins in the Reverse-Miner
  • Upd: New version of the RM Demo data

Version 19.01.00 (June 14, 2012)

  • Upd: Reverse-Miner saving results into file
  • Upd: Reverse-Miner – several new parameters for fine-tuning evolution process
  • Upd: Reverse-Miner crossover test for two different parents

Version 19.00.02 (June 12, 2012)

  • Upd: Missing character for printf function for error messages in Revere-Miner

Version 19.00.01 (June 10, 2012)

  • Upd: Bug in inserting tasks into Reverse-Miner case
  • Upd: Bug in evolutionary crossover in the Reverse-Miner concerning the last row of data

Version 19.00.00 (June 6, 2012)

  • New: LM Reverse-Miner module for mining data fabrication
  • New: LMAdmin ‘CheckLMEmpty’ command-line parameter
  • New: LMSwbExporter ‘NoAttributeDisctinctValues’ command-line parameter
  • New: LM TaskPooler ‘TaskCancel’ and ‘CancelAll’ command-line parameters
  • Upd: LMSwbImporter deletes task if an error occurred during import

Version 18.16.00 (May 15, 2012)

  • New: LMDataSource.Matrix.ARD.Template.PMML for fast export of defined transformation dictionary on a given matrix
  • Upd: LMDataSource.Matrix.Template.PMML now with list of attributes defined on its columns

Version 18.15.01 (May 13, 2012)

  • Upd: HTML Escape sequence for negation character (before literals in textual representations of hypoteses)

Version 18.15.00 (May 6, 2012)

  • New: Just one category settings for the Class attribute in the ETree-Miner task (supported also in the LMSwbImporter and LMSwbExporter)
  • New: CF-Miner, KL-Miner, SDCF-Miner and SDKL-Miner support in the LM TaskPooler
  • New: Survey of tasks (status, number of hypotheses…) in LMSwbExporter with the /Survey parameter
  • Upd: Improved checking for succedent extensions of 100% implications (ambivalent to order of literals)
  • Upd: Minor update to LM.PMML.Alias.txt file

Version 18.14.02 (May 1, 2012)

  • New: User-defined parameter for no extensions of 4ft-hypotheses if no change happened in the four-fold table
  • Upd: New separator character (“>÷<”) of antecedent and succedent in hypotheses

Version 18.14.01 (April 29, 2012)

  • New: Comma accepted as a decimal digit separator

Version 18.14.00 (April 22, 2012)

  • New: LMSwbExporter /Version command line parameter for exporting current system version
  • Bug: LMSwbImporter error message when a referenced attribute was missing caused application crash

Version 18.13.00 (April 19, 2012)

  • New: One-category multiple setting while adding many literals at once (tries to select category with the same index)

Version 18.12.00 (April 18, 2012)

  • New: Ac4ft-Miner One category dual setting (for both the state “before” and “after”)

Version 18.11.04 (April 16, 2012)

  • New: LM SwbExporter /NoEscapeSeq parameter to suppress substitution of special characters for escape-sequences (like "gt" instead of ">", "amp" instead of "&" etc.)

Version 18.11.03 (April 10, 2012)

  • Bug: ETree-Miner task InterestMeasureSetting not updated after importing via LMSwbImporter

Version 18.11.02 (April 9, 2012)

  • Upd: Workaround around VisualStudio2010 bug regarding C++ compilation

Version 18.11.01 (April 9, 2012)

  • New: Postponed LM TaskPooler reload of metabase while adding a not yet known (newly added) task into waiting list

Version 18.11.00 (March 31, 2012)

  • New: CF-Quantifer source frequency for frequencies relative to category
  • New: CF-Quantifer relative range of categories (in %)
  • Bug: Initialisation of CF-quantifier Step quantifier (StepSize units)

Version 18.10.00 (March 13, 2012)

  • New: New SDCF-Miner quantifiers of StepsUp and StepsDown

Version 18.09.00 (March 12, 2012)

  • New: New CF-Miner quantifiers of StepsUp and StepsDown

Version 18.08.01 (February 25, 2012)

  • Upd: DatabaseDictionary section as optional in the PMML import

Version 18.08.00 (February 24, 2012)

  • New: DatabaseDictionary section in the PMML export file with informat about database primary-key and derived columns for an eventual subsequent PMML import
  • New: User defined limit in automatic creation of categories for ‘n’ most frequent categories of type enumeration, plus additional ‘Others’ category
  • Upd: Progress dialog boxes for time consuming creating and deleting of many categories

Version 18.07.00 (February 10, 2012)

  • New: “Generate and store decision trees” parameter in the ETree-Miner (default: do not generate)
  • Upd: Improved ETree-Miner user interface
  • Upd: Improved Exploration/Decision Tree output text format

Version 18.06.00 (February 9, 2012)

  • New: Recursion export of ETrees in the ETree-Miner PMML
  • New: PMML sub-template cache + recursion and indentation capability
  • Upd: Improved handling of the U.S. date format
  • Upd: More space for text controls in dialogs

Version 18.05.00 (January 5, 2012)

  • New: Splitting of finite single interval categories
  • Upd: New created attributes from split are inserted onto same position as original category
  • Upd: SQL compatibility check improved for ACEODBC.dll
  • Upd: Bug in creating of more than one attribute at time
  • Upd: Bug in the LMEmpty.mdb (two extra datamatrixes present)

Version 18.04.02 (January 4, 2012)

  • New: PMML sub-template include feature for LM SwbExporter
  • Upd: More detailed description of the U.S. date-format related problem while generating tasks

Version 18.04.01 (January 3, 2012)

  • Upd: Updated default font size for histograms, graphs and color-maps

Version 18.04.00 (January 2, 2012)

  • New: Customized dialog font size
  • New: System-specific default dialog font type (MS Shell Dlg)

Version 18.03.00 (December 29, 2011)

  • New: LM SwbImport support for ETree-Miner tasks
  • New: LM TaskPooler support for the SD4ft-Miner

Version 18.02.00 (December 18, 2011)

  • New: LM TaskPooler support for the Ac4ft-Miner
  • Upd: Bug in launching ETree-Miner modules from the LM ControlPanel
  • Upd: Bug in reporting total time of generation in ETree-Miner
  • Upd: Enhanced reporting of task generation progress
  • Upd: Colored tasks states in the xxTask modules of CF-, KL-, SDCF-, SDKL-, SD4ft- and Ac4ft-Miner
  • Upd: Updated name of the Above- and Below- average quantifiers from “implication” to “dependence” in the SD4ft-Miner

Version 18.01.00 (December 12, 2011)

  • New: LM TaskPooler support for the ETree-Miner

Version 18.00.00 (December 9, 2011)

  • New: First release after migration into MS VisualStudio 2010
  • Upd: Improved building of ETrees in the ETree-Miner. Decision-trees generation postponed into ETreeResult
  • New: SEWEBAR template for the ETree-Miner tasks
  • Upd: New versions and names of the SEWEBAR export templates
  • Upd: Updated check before a generation is allowed for SDxx and Ac4ft procedures
  • Upd: Modified default values for the BASE quantifier
  • Upd: Bug in deleting of tasks
  • Upd: Bug in BAYES tab in the 4ftResult hypothesis dialog
  • Upd: Bug in deleting of hypotheses in xxResult modules
  • Upd: Bug in cloning of tasks (missing maximal number of hypotheses)
  • Upd: Change in Barbora demonstration database (attribute Age not derived from the Now() function)

Version 17.00.05 (October 26, 2011)

  • Upd: New versions of the 4ft, SD4ft and Ac4ft SEWEBAR export templates

Version 17.00.04 (October 25, 2011)

  • Upd: Bug in the LMEmpty.mdb concerning adding hypotheses group
  • Upd: Automatic closing of ending intervals of automatically created categories
  • Upd: New versions of the 4ft, SD4ft and Ac4ft SEWEBAR export templates

Version 17.00.03 (October 7, 2011)

  • Upd: New version of the Ac4ft SEWEBAR export template
  • Upd: Bug in the import of LiteralSign tag in the LM SwbImporter

Version 17.00.02 (October 3, 2011)

  • Upd: Minor updates to LM DataSource user interface
  • Upd: No confirm dialog in the LM Admin Simple Create from MDB
  • Upd: Bug in the Mutual Influence Pre-Sets window

Version 17.00.01 (July 23, 2011)

  • Upd: LM TaskPooler Windows message enabled in Windows7
  • Upd: Second chance table row update if the first have failed due to ODBC (Error updating row in table ‘xx’ message).

Version 17.00.00 (July 22, 2011)

  • New: LM TaskPooler module for batch solving of 4ft-Tasks in the background
  • Upd: 4ftTask support for the LM TaskPooler (“Background Generate” button, colored list of tasks based on task status)
  • Upd: LM ControlPanel support for the LM TaskPooler (“Background Generate” button, colored list of tasks based on task status)

Version 16.02.02 (July 4, 2011)

  • New: Interest measures based on frequencies from four-fold table in SD4ft-Miner and Ac4ft-Miner procedures
  • Upd: Metabase Task ID updated after a new TaskGroup is selected in the xxTask module (for subsequent launch of the xxResult module and selecting of the right task)

Version 16.02.01 (June 10, 2011)

  • New: “Interrupted” task generation state for the SwbExporter
  • Upd: Forced database update of the task generation state after a task generation is started
  • Upd: Bug in the ADD Dirichlet distribution in the 4ftResults hypotesis window

Version 16.02.00 (June 4, 2011)

  • New: An alternative destination of the log-file provided as a command line parameter for LM SwbImporter, LM SwbExporter and 4ftGen
  • New: Error codes for the most important errors during SwbImport
  • New: Statistics from the confusion matrix in the ETResult module ETree window
  • Upd: Updated terminology in the ETResult module

Version 16.01.03 (May 25, 2011)

  • New: Logging of error messages in LM SwbImporter (especially for the “quiet” mode)

Version 16.01.02 (May 22, 2011)

  • New: Relative IMValue if the BASE parameter specified as “relative”
  • New: Reverse PMML alias for LM SwbImporter

Version 16.01.01 (May 18, 2011)

  • New: TaskName parameter for the 4ftGen module
  • Upd: New alias for Confidency in LM.PMML.Alias.txt

Version 16.01.00 (May 17, 2011)

  • New: First release version of the ETree-Miner procedure

Version 16.00.04 (May 16, 2011)

  • Upd: Bug in selection change of the current hypothesis in the ETResult
  • Upd: Counting of ETree-Miner hypotheses starting from 1

Version 16.00.03 (May 15, 2011)

  • New: Default sorting of ETrees in the ETResult
  • New: Relative frequencies in the confusion matrix of ETree Dialog
  • Upd: Class attribute name in the text output of ETree structure

Version 16.00.02 (May 12, 2011)

  • New: Confusion matrix in ETResult ETree dialog
  • Upd: No confirm window for a new data source in LM Admin
  • Upd: No window if NoProgress and Quiet command line switches
  • Upd: Bug in verification of ETrees in ETree-Miner
  • Upd: Changes in export format of ETrees
  • Upd: Bug in import of TaskSettings Extension in LM SwbImporter

Version 16.00.01 (May 8, 2011)

  • New: Task generation status for XML export

Version 16.00.00 (April 30, 2011)

  • New: Data-mining procedure ETree-Miner (beta-version)

Version 15.05.03 (April 29, 2011)

  • Upd: Bug in loading of list of database columns (LM DataSource)

Version 15.05.02 (April 28, 2011)

  • New: Database column values export in the PMML Template
  • Upd: Bug in escape characters for XML export

Version 15.05.01 (April 17, 2011)

  • New: Compact PMML template for LM SwbExporter
  • New: Import of the primary-key settings in the LM SwbImporter
  • Upd: Updates to the LM SwbExporter

Version 15.05.00 (March 14, 2011)

  • New: Standalone DataDictionary export for given matrix in the LM SwbExporter module
  • New: Enumeration of database column values in SEWEBAR export
  • Upd: Conjuction/Disjunction parameter visible in the Task windows of all LISp-Miner procedures

Version 15.04.00 (January 31, 2011)

  • New: Automatic sorting of AA rules in the Mutual Influence window
  • Upd: Bug in locking of categories used in AA rules
  • Upd: Bug in drawing of areas of AA rules

Version 15.03.00 (January 11, 2011)

  • New: The “Select” button always in the bottom-left corner of the dialog window
  • Upd: Enlarged space for the Bayesian information reporting in the 4ftResult hypothesis windows

Version 15.02.00 (December 23, 2010)

  • New: LM DataSource Contingency Analysis table and Frequency Analysis graph into the SVG format
  • Upd: Updated SEWEBAR template for the 4ft-Miner

Version 15.01.00 (December 19, 2010)

  • New: Dirichlet distribution for the Above Average Dependency in Bayesian tab of the 4ftResult hypothesis window

Version 15.00.01 (December 8, 2010)

  • New: Test for no records in a data matrix
  • New: 4ftResult – number of highlighted hypotheses
  • Upd: Bug related to the MySQL ODBC connection

Version 15.00.00 (December 7, 2010)

  • New: LM DataSource – background knowledge Atomic Association Rules definition
  • New: 4ftResult – filtering of rules based on the Background knowledge
  • New: LM SwbImporter release version
  • Upd: 4ftResult – grayed groups of hypotheses with no hypothesis in them
  • Upd: 4ftResult – color highlight of hypotheses belonging to a selected group
  • Upd: LM SwbExporter updated PMML templates

Version 14.09.02 (December 4, 2010)

  • Upd: LM SwbImporter another beta-version
  • Upd: LM SwbExporter with task name as a parameter
  • Upd: New version of the Barbora example data

Version 14.09.01 (November 30, 2010)

  • Upd: LM SwbImporter new beta-version
  • Upd: New version of the Ac4ft PMML template
  • Upd: Automatic reload of the data-matrixes definitions in the LM Control Panel (after change in the LM DataSource module)

Version 14.09.00 (November 29, 2010)

  • New: LM SwbImporter module (beta-version) for importing PMML files – importing TransformationDictionary and 4ft-Miner tasks
  • Upd: Large number of categories possible in graphical representation of KxL contingency tables
  • Upd: Improved distinction between relative and absolute BASE values

Version 14.08.00 (November 28, 2010)

  • New: LM SwbExporter Ac4ft-Miner PMML template
  • New: Standard deviation and variance information for database columns of data type integer and float
  • Upd: Improved graphical representation of contingency tables (font size, design, colors)
  • Upd: Improved portability to other DBMS through the ODBC

Version 14.07.01 (November 18, 2010)

  • New: Default sorting of hypotheses based on the last used quantifier in the 4ft-Miner, SD4ft-Miner and Ac4ft-Miner
  • Upd: New sorting criterion inserted at the first position instead of the last
  • New: A "higher of both ratios of values" sorting criterion available for the SDxx-Miners and Ac4ft-Miner
  • New: Shortcut F9 for launching xxResult module from xxTask

Version 14.07.00 (November 14, 2010)

  • New: Interest-measures value ratio for the SDxx procedures
  • New: Functional quantifiers in the SDKL-Miner procedure
  • New: Deleting of all hypotheses from all of the task in the LM Admin module
  • Upd: Updated colors for the Data-tab in the xxResults Hypothesis window
  • Upd: Updated 4ft-Miner Sewebar export template

Version 14.06.03 (October 25, 2010)

  • New: LM SwbExporter SD4ft-Miner HypoInGroup PMML template
  • New: Creating Ac4ft-Miner tasks in the LM ControlPanel

Version 14.06.02 (October 21, 2010)

  • Upd: Highlight of the mined-hypotheses number in survey

Version 14.06.01 (October 18, 2010)

  • Upd: Bug in graphs in the Hypothesis window
  • Upd: Minor updates to the user interface

Version 14.06.00 (October 15, 2010)

  • Upd: Sewebar template for the SD4ft-Miner procedure complete update with the “IMValue” tag added

Version 14.05.00 (October 14, 2010)

  • New: Cloning of tasks in the LM ControlPanel
  • New: Automated indexing of names after cloning

Version 14.04.02 (October 9, 2010)

  • New: Alphabetical search in the data matrix column list
  • New: Dynamic mapping of attributes in the LAQ Manager

Version 14.04.01 (August 29, 2010)

  • Upd: Update of templates and export to the SEWEBAR

Version 14.04.00 (August 11, 2010)

  • New: User-defined limit for maximal number of hypotheses generated before the generation is automatically interrupted
  • Upd: Better handling of user interaction during generation of hypotheses on the grid

Version 14.03.00 (August 4, 2010)

  • New: Download of partial results from the grid, continuous update of actually verified hypotheses and possibility to explore already downloaded results in the xxResult application.

Version 14.02.01 (August 1, 2010)

  • Upd: Bug in the Ac4ft-Miner verification while the “strict-action” option was set

Version 14.02.00 (July 10, 2010)

  • Upd: Upgraded version of the Sewebar PMML template + new export values

Version 14.01.00 (June 25, 2010)

  • Upd: Bug while adding a new Ac4ft-Task
  • Upd: Upsize of allowed range for number of verifications to a 64-bit unsigned integer

Version 14.00.02 (April 30, 2010)

  • Upd: Grid support for the cardinal values quantifiers in the CF- a SDCF-Miner procedure

Version 14.00.01 (April 26, 2010)

  • Upd: Full support for the distributed generation in all implemented procedures (release-version)

Version 14.00.00 (April 21, 2010)

  • New: Full support for the distributed generation in all implemented procedures (beta-version)

Version 13.00.00 (April 16, 2010)

  • New: Sewebar export in the SD4ft-Miner procedure
  • New: Sewebar – Exporting hypotheses from the selected group only

Version 12.02.00 (March 30, 2010)

  • New: Bayesian approach to hypotheses interpretation (4ftResult)

Version 12.01.00 (February 24, 2010)

  • New: "Strict action" option in the Ac4ft-Miner
  • Upd: Bug in distributed generation in the Ac4ft-Miner

Version 12.00.00 (February 21, 2010)

  • New: Distributed Ac4ft-Miner task solving using grid
  • Upd: Bug while adding a new task
  • Upd: Bug in Ac4ft-Miner generation and verification of hypotheses

Version 11.05.05 (January 20, 2010)

  • New: Cedent switch in the Ac4ftTask module
  • Upd: New test to allow of a Ac4ft-task to run
  • Upd: Name of the Above- and Below- Average “Implication” changed to “Dependency”
  • Upd: Error during export of hypotheses reported to user
  • Upd: Export template character set changed to Windows-1250
  • Upd: Misspelling in HTML template corrected

Version 11.05.04 (January 7, 2010)

  • Upd: Bug in the Kex module while adding a new task
  • Upd: Minor changes in several modules (spelling, layout etc.)

Version 11.05.03 (December 21, 2009)

  • New: PCGrid setup in the LM Admin module

Version 11.05.02 (December 20, 2009)

  • Upd: Minor fixes in the LM DataSource module
  • Upd: Duplicity hypothesis for coefficient Cuts of length equal to total number of categories
  • Upd: Primary rule with minimal length test updated in 4ftGridGen

Version 11.05.01 (December 8, 2009)

  • Upd: PMML template for the SD4ftMiner procedure
  • Upd: Conjunctions and disjunctions in xxResults modules

Version 11.05.00 (December 5, 2009)

  • New: PMML export for the SD4ftMiner procedure

Version 11.04.01 (November 21, 2009)

  • Upd: Redesigned layout of the LM ControlPanel
  • Upd: Updated version of the Barbora example data with updated BASE parameter values

Version 11.04.00 (October 28, 2009)

  • New: Option in the 4ftResult to export data to SewebarPublisher

Version 11.03.07 (September 29, 2009)

  • New: Include/Exclude X-Category in Categories Frequency Analysis

Version 11.03.06 (August 6, 2009)

  • Upd: New version of TGS caller code

Version 11.03.05 (July 20, 2009)

  • New: Check for minimal length exceeding maximal length of the whole cedent

Version 11.03.04 (July 19, 2009)

  • Upd: Delayed update of the GenerationInfo to avoid flickering

Version 11.03.03 (July 13, 2009)

  • New: Asynchronous generation and verification of hypotheses on the Grid

Version 11.03.02 (July 8, 2009)

  • New: Techila Grid Server support for distributed generation and verification of hypotheses
  • Upd: History of steps of task run
  • Upd: List of tasks: currenty selected task is focused upon opening of dialog

Version 11.03.00 (July 5, 2009)

  • New: Techila Grid Server for distributed generation and verification of hypotheses -- Release Candidate 1

Version 11.02.05 (June 7, 2009)

  • Upd: New syntax of the Sewebar PMML export template
  • Upd: Check for a proper installation of the Sewebar module

Version 11.02.04 (May 10, 2009)

  • Upd: Check for invalid characters in file names in export to Sewebar
  • Upd: Version information in the Sewebar templates

Version 11.02.03 (May 4, 2009)

  • Upd: Check for the maximal length of ODBC DSN string and valid characters

Version 11.02.02 (April 23, 2009)

  • Upd: Minor changes in Sewebar Exporter

Version 11.02.01 (April 13, 2009)

  • Upd: Bug in list of aggregational 4ft quantifiers
  • Upd: LM DataSource: Handling of rounding-errors in automatic creation of categories

Version 11.02.00 (April 11, 2009)

  • New: New 4ft Quantifiers of type aggregation
  • Upd: Minor changes in Sewebar Exporter

Version 11.01.04 (April 3, 2009)

  • Upd: New version of an empty cedent check
  • Upd: Minor changes in the Sewebar Exporter

Version 11.01.03 (March 21, 2009)

  • Upd: Updated version of the Sewebar Exporter module and of templates
  • Upd: Bug in generating of cedent while one of them is of zero size
  • Upd: SD4ft Hypothesis Window: enlargement of succedent field

Version 11.01.02 (March 17, 2009)

  • Upd: Bug in deleting of attribute mutual dependency pre-set
  • Upd: Misspelling corrections

Version 11.01.01 (March 2, 2009)

  • Upd: Minor updates

Version 11.01.00 (March 1, 2009)

  • New: Sewebar Exporter module for export of metabase to various text formats (PMML, XML, HTML)
  • New: Mutual Influence of atttributes in LM DataSource
  • New: Added functionality for dealing with MS Access 2007 databases in *.accdb format

Version 11.00.00 (February 22, 2009)

  • New: Action4ftMiner Procedure
  • New: Tree of Attribute Groups in LM DataSource
  • New: Attribute membership in several groups
  • New: Stable/Variable type of attribute
  • Upd: Confirmation before discarding results even when number of hypotheses is zero

Version 10.00.02 (November 29, 2008)

  • New: 4ftMiner Prime rule checking eneable/disabled parameter
  • New: 4ftMiner Conjunction/Disjunction flag visible in the partial cedent lists

Version 10.00.01 (November 23, 2008)

  • New: "Hide X-Category" switch in the LM DataSource Frequency Analysis
  • Upd: Bug in the "Reload data" function concerning tsLaqTaskType table

Version 10.00.00 (November 7, 2008)

  • New: LM LAQ Manager module

Version 9.03.02 (September 13, 2008)

  • New: Pie-graph for frequencies in the four-fold table (hypothesis window of the 4ftResult)

Version 9.03.01 (August 28, 2008)

  • Upd: Bug in handling of missing information during generation of hypotheses

Version 9.03.00 (June 4, 2008)

  • New: Pre-sets for Mutual Influence Analysis in LM KnowledgeSource

Version 9.02.01 (May 7, 2008)

  • New: Simple creation of the KnowledgeBase in LM KnowledgeSource
  • New: Improved meta-attribute selection for the Mutual Influence analysis in the LM KnowledgeSource

Version 9.02.00 (April 20, 2008)

  • New: "Sets overlapping type" parameter for relationship between the First and Second Set in SDxx procedures
  • Upd: LM MetaSource renamed to LM KnowledgeSource
  • New: "Variability“ parameter for meta-attributes.
  • Upd: Basic help window for every module

Version 9.01.00 (April 13, 2008)

  • New: Statistics for attributes of type "boolean"
  • New: Filter by task-groups in the xxResult
  • Upd: Forced update of graphs windows after switching from another Windows application

Version 9.00.03 (March 20, 2008)

  • Upd: Check for no attribute in the LM DataSource KxL Contingency Analysis

Version 9.00.02 (March 12, 2008)

  • Upd: User setting of used date format in LMAdmin/Settings.

Version 9.00.01 (March 1, 2008)

  • New: LM ReportAssistant now available from LM ControlPanel
  • Upd: Another way of launching processes from LM ControlPanel implemented (no need of WinXP SP2 installed)

Version 9.00.00 (January 8, 2008)

  • New: LM ControlPanel

Version 8.09.00 (December 19, 2007)

  • New: Fast-track MDB file preparation
  • Upd: Bug in path to help files

Version 8.08.01 (November 11, 2007)

  • * New: Parameter of prime test with a hypothesis minimal length checking
  • * Upd: Disjunction of categories checking after auto-create function with a X-Category already set
  • * Upd: Bug in editing categories in the LMDataSource

Version 8.08.00 (September 20, 2007)

  • New: Total minimal and maximal length for the whole cedent
  • New: Frequencies of categories from the literal window
  • New: Zero-based y-axis option (default) in frequency analysis

Version 8.07.03 (May 14, 2007)

  • Upd: Bug in prime rules testing with right-cut coefficients in succedent

Version 8.07.02 (May 9, 2007)

  • Upd: Bug in frequency calculation of SDKL-Miner

Version 8.07.01 (March 1, 2007)

  • Upd: Disjunction of literals in 4ft cedents (all procedures)
  • Upd: Import of particular cedents from different procedures

Version 8.06.04 (August 9, 2006)

Version 8.06.03 (April 10, 2006)

  • Upd: Generating of cedent: Check of used literals in higher cedents

Version 8.06.02 (December 30, 2005)

  • Upd: Minimal length of coefficient check in xxGen
  • Upd: 4ftResult: Bug in header line of hypotheses list copy to clipboard

Version 8.06.01 (November 29, 2005)

  • Upd: Bug in running SDCF and SDKL tasks with ANY-VALUE quantifier

Version 8.06.00 (November 3, 2005)

  • New: Information about cedents in the DATA tab of hypothesis dialog

Version 8.05.04 (September 22, 2005)

  • New: Check of maximal length of attribute name
  • Upd: Maximal length of names enlarged to 255 characters

Version 8.05.03 (September 13, 2005)

  • Upd: Underflow prevention in calculation of rule weight in KEx module

Version 8.05.02 (September 11, 2005)

  • Upd: Bug in processing of command line arguments

Version 8.05.01 (September 4, 2005)

  • Upd: New syntax of the ODBCConnectionString parameter

Version 8.05.00 (August 27, 2005)

  • New: Import of 4ft partial cedents from all other task in the same metabase
  • New: Alternative program argument of ODBCConnectionString for calling xxGen
  • Upd: Enlargement of number range for number of verifications

Version 8.04.02 (July 25, 2005)

  • New: Enhanced sorting of hypotheses (SDKL, SDCF)
  • Upd: Improved category names for values with floating point numbers
  • Upd: Mistyping in quantifiers description in SD4ft

Version 8.04.01 (July 14, 2005)

  • New: SD4ftResult: values for the FS and SS in hypotheses list
  • Upd: SD4ftResult: Bug in value list for the SS in hypothesis detail

Version 8.04.00 (July 10, 2005)

  • New: 4ftResult: Default sorting of hypotheses according to task quantifier
  • New: Enhanced sorting of hypotheses (4ft, CF, KL, SD4ft)
  • Upd: Improved preprocessing of database row fetching in LMDataSource
  • Upd: Bug in rounding-error of interval boundaries in creation of categories
  • Upd: Improved attributes naming (preserving case of letters in database column names)

Version 8.03.06 (April 27, 2005)

  • New: Variable number of decimal places in category names and output
  • New: Checking of possible overlaping interval boundaries in enumaration of float values
  • New: Improved dialog window of hypothesis in KLResult
  • New: Improved dialog window of hypothesis in CFResult

Version 8.03.05 (April 6, 2005)

  • Upd: Enhancement of simoultaneous editing of more literals together

Version 8.03.04 (April 5, 2005)

  • Upd: BASE 4ft-quantifier with relative value
  • New: Check of input values (MIN <= MAX)

Version 8.03.03 (March 28, 2005)

  • New: Handling of data types of DECIMAL and NUMERIC
  • Upd: Missing lines in the Output dialog

Version 8.03.02 (March 24, 2005)

  • New: Graph for the FirstSet and the SecondSet together in SDxx-Result procedures
  • New: Lock of maximal y-value in graphs for all hypothesis in current group and persistent lock setting between sessions
  • Upd: The name ''''Antecedent'''' a ''''Sukcedent'''' in SD4ft-Result
  • Upd: Legend change in xx-Results graphs

Version 8.03.01 (March 9, 2005)

  • Upd: Bug in generation cancel in KL a CF tasks
  • Upd: Bug in locking of tasks

Version 8.03.00 (February 28, 2005)

  • New: Check for simultaneously generated task within the same metabase

Version 8.02.00 (February 27, 2005)

  • New: Improved mechanism of dealing with multiple simultaneous accesses to metabase (different users x different modules)
  • New: Unified implementation of particular modules
  • Upd: Bug in simultaneous editation of row from different modules
  • Upd: Bug in renaming of tasks, groups etc.
  • Upd: Bug in updating of expresions of derived columns

Version 8.02.01 (February 27, 2005)

  • New: Limit for maximal count of tries adding a row

Version 8.01.02 (February 24, 2005)

  • New: Check of attribute versus database column data type
  • New: Change of database column data type in existing metabase
  • Upd: Bug in launching of SDCF-Result from SDCF-Task
  • Upd: Bug in trasformation of metabase
  • Upd: Bug in handling missing information in check of prime 4ft association rules

Version 8.01.01 (February 20, 2005)

  • Upd: Bug in skip in 4ft generation(dereduction in particular cedents)

Version 8.01.00 (February 14, 2005)

  • New: New SDCF-quantifiers (correspondingly to the CF-Miner procedure – nominal, ordinal and cardinal)
  • Upd: Bug in the list of SDCF-quantifers editation

Version 8.00.02 (February 13, 2005)

  • Upd: Controls in the SDCF-Hypothesis window
  • Upd: Bug in calculation of SDCF-frequency tables

Version 8.00.01 (February 7, 2005)

  • New: First released version of the SDCF-Miner procedure
  • New: Transformation of the LMEmpty.mdb for SDCF-Miner

Version 8.00.00 (January 30, 2005)

  • New: New SDCF-Miner procedure (SDCFTask, SDCFResult, SDCFGen)

Version 7.03.01 (January 17, 2005)

  • Upd: Bug in the metabase structure transformation

Version 7.03.00 (January 6, 2005)

  • New: Enumeration of type FLOAT using very short intervals
  • New: Cardinal values of categories; their automatic definition and handling during verification
  • New: Input of 4ft-quantifiers; default values; detail description of each quantifier
  • New: 4ft-quantifiers of BASE, CEIL and Support
  • New: CF-quantifiers for nominal, ordinal and cardinal categories
  • New: Extension of hypotheses result with rounded values of quantifiers
  • Upd: Change in handling of 4ft-quantifiers
  • Upd: Better performace of SDKL-Miner verification
  • Upd: Bug in default values for filter in xxResult
  • Upd: Bug in filter in SDxxResult

Version 7.02.05 (December 14, 2004)

  • Upd: Bug in creation of attributes tree

Version 7.02.04 (November 22, 2004)

  • Upd: Bug in verification of missing information
  • Upd: Wrong text in short name of SD-quantifier source type

Version 7.02.03 (November 16, 2004)

  • New: Automatic detection of NULL-values and creation of X-Category
  • Upd: Update of external modules execution
  • Upd: Change in calling of KL-Collaps module

Version 7.02.02 (November 8, 2004)

  • Upd: Calling parameters for 4ft-AR2NL updated

Version 7.02.01 (October 28, 2004)

  • New: Word wrap in output of 4ft-AR2NL

Version 7.02.00 (October 24, 2004)

  • New: New module 4ft-AR2NL integrated into 4ft-Result
  • New: New module KL-Collaps integrated into KL-Result

Version 7.01.00 (October 21, 2004)

  • New: BASE sd4ft-quantifier
  • New: SD4ft- Double Founded Implicatin and Founded Equivalence
  • New: Check of disjunction of both SD-sets using bit-strings
  • Upd: The same attribute possibible in both SD-sets
  • Upd: Check of duplicit entries of the same attribute in the KEx antecedented

Version 7.00.02 (October 12, 2004)

  • Upd: Transformation of metabase for SD4ft-Miner procedure

Version 7.00.01 (October 2, 2004)

  • New: First public beta-version of SD4ft-Miner released

Version 7.00.00 (September 20, 2004)

  • New: SD4ft-Miner procedure (SD4ftTask, SD4ftResult, SD4ftGen)
  • New: ''Difference of quantifier values'' in SDxx tasks

Version 6.04.00 (July 20, 2004)

  • Upd: Change in structure of LMEmpty.mdb
  • Upd: Bug in Browse window of LM Admin

Version 6.03.00 (June 30, 2004)

  • New: User-defined attributes in 4ftResult/Hypothesis/Data
  • New: Export to clipboard/file in 4ftResult/Hypothesis
  • New: Export to clipboard/file in LM DataSource/Analysis
  • New: Check of type of categories according to type of database column in AutoCreate
  • Upd: Check for missing tables/columns in database

Version 6.02.00 (June 24, 2004)

  • Upd: First public release of a new analytical procedure SDKL-Mineru

Version 6.01.00 (June 9, 2004)

  • New: New procedure SDKL-Miner with modules SDKL-Task, SDKL-Result, SDKL-Gen (beta-version)
  • Upd: Check for maximal number of categories in KL analysis

Version 6.00.00 (April 19, 2004)

  • New: Tables and database access for SDKL-Miner

Version 5.01.04 (February 10, 2004)

  • Upd: Bug in generation of 4ft-conditions when Min/MaxLen = 0/0

Version 5.01.03 (February 8, 2004)

  • New: Update of list of columns in database tables
  • New: Automatical reload of database structure after change

Version 5.01.02 (February 4, 2004)

  • Upd: Bug in adding a new task
  • Upd: Bug in deleting partial cedents

Version 5.01.01 (January 29, 2004)

  • New: Option of absolute value of TauB in KL Kendall quantifier

Version 5.01.00 (December 29, 2003)

  • New: More 4ft-quantifiers in a 4ft-Miner task
  • New: Cyclical interval - a new type of coefficient for 4ft-cedent. Can be used in all procedures where 4ft-cedent is used (see 034)

Version 5.00.06 (November 23, 2003)

  • New: Dealing with tables of 256 and more columns (for details see document 062)
  • New: Faster input of very large number of attributes
  • Upd: Check to avoid deleting of categories used in KL-Miner tasks

Version 5.00.05 (October 1, 2003)

  • New: Option between User and System Data Source while creating a DSN in LM Admin

Version 5.00.04 (September 29, 2003)

  • Upd: Bug in conversion of the metabase format

Version 5.00.03 (September 23, 2003)

  • New: Contingency table in CF-Result hypothesis window
  • Upd: Sorting in KL-Result
  • Upd: Calculation of TauB of Kendall kl-quantifier

Version 5.00.02 (September 11, 2003)

  • New: Enhancement of the hypothesis dialog in 4ftResult (data view, graph view)
  • New: Graph view in the LM DataSource 4FT Contingency analysis
  • Upd: Bug in resolving undefined values in KL-quantifiers

Version 5.00.01 (September 2, 2003)

  • New: Procedure CF-Miner (release)
  • Upd: Calculation of KL-quantifiers, handling of error states
  • Upd: Hypothesis dialog box in CF-Result

Version 5.00.00 (August 26, 2003)

  • New: Procedure CF-Miner (beta-version)
  • New: KL-quantifiers (Kendall, MI, AIC)
  • New: Contingency tables in KL-Result Hypothesis output

Version 4.02.01 (August 20, 2003)

  • New: Table tdKLQuantifierFrequency
  • Upd: Better display of floating point numbers

Version 4.02.00 (July 30, 2003)

  • New: 4ft contingency table analysis in the LM DataSource

Version 4.01.02 (July 22, 2003)

  • New: Data Exploration dialog in the LM DataSource module
  • New: Filter by conjuction of literals (user-defined cedents)
  • Upd: Bug in disposing bit-strings in 4ft implication quantifiers
  • Upd: Reimplemented management of tree of attributes
  • Upd: Bug in calculation of H(A) and ChiSq
  • Upd: Bug in editing list of kl-quantifiers

Version 4.01.01 (July 14, 2003)

  • Upd: Bug in evaluation of H(A) and ChiSq
  • Upd: Update of name of kl-quantifiers

Version 4.01.00 (July 4, 2003)

  • New: Date and time of start of task run
  • Upd: Evaluation of KL-quantifier entropy, change of its full name and note
  • Upd: Evaluation of KL-quantifier ChiSq
  • Upd: Performance impromevement of KL-task generation

Version 4.00.02 (June 23, 2003)

  • New: Automatic update of BASE parameter from kl-quantifier descriptions
  • Upd: Bug in evaluation of Entropy H(A)
  • Upd: New tests for division by zero and handling of error states added

Version 4.00.01 (June 13, 2003)

  • New: KLGen module added
  • Upd: Bug in clone of task in KL-Task
  • Upd: Params button disabled in KL-Task

Version 4.00.00 (June 1, 2003)

  • New: New procedure KL-Miner (beta-version)
  • Upd: Overall performance improvement of work with bit-strings (up to 20 % faster generation of hypotheses)
  • Upd: Bug in redraw of KL contingency table in the LM DataSource
  • Upd: Text synchronization of task parameters between 4ftTask and 4ftResult

Version 3.20.00 (May 12, 2003)

  • New: Contingency analysis in the LM DataSource
  • New: Groups of attributes in a tree structure
  • New: Deleting of ODBC sources from list
  • New: Help invoke by F1 key

Version 3.19.01 (April 15, 2003)

  • New: Rotating dash for generation progress demonstration
  • Upd: Bug in sorting by E-Confidence in the 4ftResult

Version 3.19.00 (March 30, 2003)

  • Upd: New version of 4ftIL and 4ftUFFilter modules
  • Upd: Bug in Average quantifiers (missing information, skips)

Version 3.18.00 (March 14, 2003)

  • New: Command line parameter of /DSN= for all modules
  • New: Filtering by UF Filter
  • Upd: New version of 4tLiteralImportance and 4ft UFFilter

Version 3.17.02 (February 28, 2003)

  • Upd: A minor updates in generation algorithm and user interface

Version 3.17.01 (February 10, 2003)

  • Upd: New version of 4ftLiteralImportance and 4ft UFFilter modules
  • Upd: Modules icon standardization

Version 3.17.00 (January 19, 2003)

  • New: New modules of 4ftLiteralImportance and 4ftHypoFilter added

Version 3.16.03 (December 16, 2002)

  • Upd: Adding new task

Version 3.16.02 (December 3, 2002)

  • Upd: Deleting task in the 4ftResult

Version 3.16.01 (November 27, 2002)

  • Upd: Version update to 13 and version number in the LMEmpty

Version 3.16.00 (November 19, 2002)

  • Note: same as 3.15.06
  • New: TimeTrans and ParetoMiner added to the metabase structure

Version 3.15.05 (October 20, 2002)

  • New: Richer export of hypotheses in the 4ftResult
  • Upd: Higher floating-point precision in the hypothesis detail

Version 3.15.04 (October 15, 2002)

  • New: New category created by join is inserted at position of the first of joined categories
  • Upd: Check of deleting of categories before join-operation

Version 3.15.03 (September 13, 2002)

  • New: Copy and Paste for partial cedents
  • Upd: Persistent class of equivalence after clone
  • Upd: Deleting cedents with defined classes of equivalence (no error message)

Version 3.15.02 (August 26, 2002)

  • New: More effective reducing of hypotheses extensions in results
  • Upd: Minimal length of partial-cedent in succedent description can be 0

Version 3.15.01 (August 15, 2002)

  • New: Switching cedents among themselfs
  • New: Alternative name for attribute used in literals (hypotheses)
  • New: Optional list of names for automaticaly created categories
  • Upd: Less frequent automatical reloads of metabase
  • Upd: Special handling of of min-max range in graphs (when min = max)
  • Upd: Bug in checking of used category before deletion
  • Upd: Bug in saving category or literal order
  • Upd: Bug in update of displayed value of row shift
  • Upd: Bug in not copying note in clone of task

Version 3.15.00 (July 17, 2002)

  • Upd: Improved coordination of changes in the metabase among opened modules (database integrity)
  • New: Deletion of group of categories
  • New: Cummulative values in frequency analysis
  • New: Frequency analysis from Attribute window

Version 3.14.01 (June 6, 2002)

  • New: Complete help files
  • Upd: Changes to KexResult windows (Sorting, Filter) -- without Condition, Fisher and Chi-square
  • Upd: Deleting of partial cedents
  • Upd: English terminology in frequency analysis

Version 3.14.00 (April 2, 2002)

  • New: Export of the category data;
  • New: Export of the frequency analysis results

Version 3.13.01 (March 29, 2002)

  • Upd: Correction of the Average difference;
  • Upd: Enlarging of the column with the sorting coefficient in the list of hypothesis

Version 3.13.00 (March 27, 2002)

  • Adding of the computation of Average difference;
  • Warning about the float values in enumerations;
  • Correction of the test on BASE in AboveAverage;
  • Correction of the deleting of literals in task clone;
  • Correction of the Chi-square computation;
  • Correction of the sorting by Above and Below Average

Version 3.12.00 (March 19, 2002)

  • Frequency analysis in the LM DataSource

Version 3.11.01 (March 1, 2002)

  • Version 3.11.00 without the possibility of setting of more partial cedents

Version 3.10.02 (November 29, 2001)

  • Sorting by r*k/n, presentment of r*k/n in a hypothesis;
  • Correction of the bug by diagnosting the values NULL in data

Version 3.10.01 (October 26, 2001)

  • Inbuilding of the help text (meanwhile only LM DataSource and 4ftTask);
  • Modification of the terminology;
  • Correction of the condition generating

Version 3.01.01 (September 30, 2001)

  • LM Admin: Automatic creating of the ODBC data sources;
  • Correction of the bug in the editing of categories;
  • The imagery of order of literal by generating

Version 3.00.03 (August 17, 2001)

  • The quantificators of the strong singularity from average;
  • The tables of critical frequencies